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Progenesis: The best infertility clinic in India

Producing an offspring is the one of those instincts in human life that give us immense contentment. No wonder it is a heavenly feeling of achieving completeness which is incomparable and the ones who have had hard luck in having a child know it better than others.

When we see people coming to us with gloomy faces seeking help, we often get cheerless. But, as per our convictions we decide to help the couple at any cost and nearly every time we celebrate the success of bringing smile on their face. The success stories we have witnessed over the years have inspired us to educate and help even more and more people.

When we begin to address infertility of a couple the very first thing we notice is that it has deeply affected them on the emotional level. Infertile couples are overwhelmed with the sense of adversity and inefficiency. The stigma is still there in the picture. The first thing we do is that we educate couples about infertility and make them realize that there is hope and if they are willing to be patient they can get the desired results from the treatments we offer.

The miracle is- technology. The incredible advancements in treatment methods of infertility have given results for a large number of couples. But, we also believe that making them strong on the mental level supports the treatment. Providing them genuine support and advice rather than just providing hope is what makes Progenesis fertility center a best infertility clinic in India.

We have the best team of doctors, lab technicians and nurses who are experts at their particular jobs in the clinic. The efficiency in the staff and supporting team is the reason for our consistently high success rate.

In case of a few couples where surrogacy is needed we give them appropriate counselling to make them confident about each and every step from financial to legal things involved in surrogacy. There are a heap of different things and considerations while planning a surrogacy and we readily assist our patients to make everything go smoothly until a healthy child is born.

Coming to technology, Prognenesis Infertility Center has sophisticated arrangement of labs and equipment like a separate Andrology Lab, IVF lab, Ovum Pick up Operation Theatre, Embryo transfer room and IUI. In addition to that there is a Color Doppler Sonography machine to monitor follicular development and endometrial blood flow for better decision making regarding superovulation in ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) procedures like IUI, IVF & ICSI treatments.

In conclusion, we hate the “purely mechanical” approach in dealing with infertility and we focus on the overall support that the couples should get in dealing with infertility. The bond we make with the couple from the beginning builds trust in them about us and our treatments and because of that we get more accountable to the obligation of making their dream of parenthood come true.

If you are fighting the same problem, it’s time to banish all the worries because the best infertility clinic in India is all set to help you and bring a smile of contentment on your face too!

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Dr.Narahari Malagaonkar

Fertility Consultant

 MD, DNB, FCPS, DFP ( Mumbai),

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Singapore)

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