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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis_ Importance & Benefits

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Importance & Benefits

The causes and reasons for infertility can vary from person to person. Some might have incurred it due to the leading of an unhealthy lifestyle, some might have clinical conditions and some infertile individuals must have got it inherited genetically. All in all may be the reasons differ but there is always room for treatments for every kind of infertility issue, at least in today’s times with the advanced developments in the field of science and technology.

Unlike before, today the infertile couples have numerous options to choose from and get their infertility treatment done easily to have their own child. Even if one of the partners or both of them suffer from permanent infertility issues which can’t be treated or reverted, the door of IVF treatment is always open to them who wants to have their own child in the artificial way as they cannot give birth biologically.

But there are some norms that must be taken into consideration before you root for the in-vitro fertilization treatment for your infertility issues. Like you need to diagnose the actual problem and then get the required treatments for the same.

In case of surrogacy and donor programs, you must go through certain tests to be assured of any kind of unhealthy misconduct in the process to be accomplished and various other such diagnoses to confirm that the IVF procedure is executed healthily for both the child and the mother. One amongst these is the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis which is of primary importance whenever you want to go for an IVF procedure. We will discuss more on this below

Why genetic diagnosis is important before implantation?

Well, most of the birth defects or disorders that the child acquires come from defected genes. But in case of normal pregnancies, you cannot obviously alter the genes of the parents in the child. But in case of artificial pregnancy or IVF processes, you have the option to choose the genes of your child if you are going for donor programs.

You can test the genes for healthiness and thereby processed with the IVF process if only you find it to be healthy and fit for the child. In case, the genes are distorted r there is some genetic disorder associated with the donor’s eggs or sperms then you can either get it treated or exchange the donor for a healthier one.

This way, you can prevent all kinds of genetic disorders in the child to be born through the IVF process and make way or a healthy baby! And all this can be done when you go for the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

What are the benefits of having the genetic diagnosis done during the Preimplantation phase?

The most crucial benefit of this process is that you can avert any kind of gene-related disorders in the child to be born via this process. When you now that there is a problem with the gene, you can treat it or replace it with a healthier one! It means that you are gifting your child a healthier life without any kind of genetic imbalance or disorder which comes along with the donor or the surrogate mother.

When this diagnosis is done in the Preimplantation phase, it helps in letting the experts know about the functionality and healthiness of the gene and thus they can decide thereafter whether it is fit enough for the child.

If they feel like the genetic testing is positive and there is no defected or distorted gene, they can carry on with the IVF process and implantation of the zygote into the mother’s womb for further facilitation of the childbirth process. Thus, it is very necessary to get the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis done during the IVF process.

The bottom line

Infertility has always prevailed in our society, the only difference now is that the treatment options are readily available now at a much affordable price range and with various possibilities. So, infertile couples can have their own child; they can have their biological child also through the IVF processes which have brought hope and joy to the lives of several infertile couples today.

But as there are some complications always related to the reproductive process, be it normal or IVF, the fertility experts need to take important measures to ensure the mother and the child is safe from any health hazards. And for that to be tested, the preimplantation genetic testing is verily needed.

At times there can be various diseases which are associated with the genes of the parents of the child and if you are getting an IVF done, you must be sure of the healthiness of the child to be born through the process! Thus, take your decisions wisely and ensure your child better health through the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis!

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