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Multiple IVF failure_ Get a Second Opinion

Multiple IVF failure? Get a Second Opinion

When a couple goes through the phase of infertility, the only hope that lies with them is the option to get an IVF treatment for having a child of their own. Many a time infertility issues can be curable and thus the condition may be reverted but in case of the ones who are confined to permanent infertility, the IVF treatments remain the only solution to experience the joy of parenthood.

But sadly, we get to see only a 60-70 per cent of the total IVF procedures carried out globally to be successful while the remaining ones fail to show an effect on the infertile individuals which inclines their hopes of parenthood to nil.

It is both heartbreaking and depressing for every couple or individual to accept the fact that they are infertile in the first place, let alone the failure of the IVF treatments carried out on them.

But at times, these IVF failures happen due to negligence in the part of the fertility experts even if proper care is taken by the individuals undergoing the treatments. Sometimes the reverse can happen too, like the ones under the treatments may also be non-caring towards the procedure leading to the failure of the process.

What causes an IVF treatment to fail?

There are various reasons why IVF treatments fail at different levels. Sometimes, it may fail at the initial stage while sometimes the resulting pregnancy may be lost due to miscarriage; it is not always predictable! But with proper knowledge of the common causes, somehow it can be prevented from happening.

If we go by these common causes, we will get to know that these are very normal issues which generally both the doctors and the patients overlook during the process and hence such mishaps occur!

For example, when a patient undergoing IVF treatments do not lead a healthy lifestyle and instead remains high on unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, irregular diet planning, doing physically strenuous works, etc. it can lead to the IVF failure at many levels.

Also, sometimes, this negligence can be in the part of the infertility experts performing the treatments and they might not preform the process fairly enough to make it successful. That is why it is always recommended that you choose only experts with years of experience and good knowledge over the IVF treatment procedures to deal with your infertility issues.

Why should one go for a second opinion?

When you go on to receive an IVF Second opinion, it seals the fact that the hope still remains for you to have your own child through the process when you face failure multiple times. But the most promising factor whey every couple must go for the second opinion in case of failed IVF attempt is to also find out whether it’s their fault which is causing them the trouble or whether the fault is in the art of the fertility experts treating them.

There are many infertility clinics and doctors claiming to provide the best solutions today but not all of them seems to be providing everything that they promise. These people charge a huge amount for the treatment and do not care much about providing the best treatment.

So, it is verily needed that you opt for the ones who have a good reputation in the niche and also have years of experience in delivering positive results with the IVF treatments. Remember that both the doctor and the patient needs to be careful to incur positive results out of the IVF treatments!

Final thoughts

The disorder of the reproductive system leads to the infertility issues and people find it pretty difficult to deal with! Many of the even slip into depression after finding the fact that they cannot give birth to a child normally and they are temporarily or permanently infertile.

While science and technology have progressed much in the last few years and has instilled hope in the lives of the infertile couples by keeping the door of treatment and IVF solutions open to them, there are still some unruly conditions where even these tricks don’t work!

And when the couples face Multiple IVF failure, it leads them into more stress and a depressive state of mind. But not in any condition must the infertile couples lose hope about getting the right treatment solutions to their infertility issues.

There are various kinds of IVF treatments available today to assist the infertile couples with the best results. Even if the treatments fail to produce results, the option to have surrogacy is also open in front of them!

So, taking a second opinion or changing your infertility specialist in case you face multiple failed attempts in your IVF pregnancy is verily recommend for anyone and everyone undergoing this phase. Better be sure than to regret!

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