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Know more about male infertility

Know more about Male Infertility

Infertility can be described as the inability to conceive after having unprotected sex for one year.  An abnormality in the reproductive system of males happens to be the cause of infertility in 20 to 30 percent of the couples. Causes related to male factor is responsible for nearly half of the infertility cases reported annually.

Evaluation of male infertility

Semen analysis and evaluation of reproductive and medical history constitute the initial evaluation of male infertility. If abnormalities are diagnosed in the initial evaluation then it is recommended to consult a clinical specialist in Thane. The specialist is likely to take a note of the person’s complete history and conduct a physical examination. On the basis of the results, further tests may be advised. It may include hormonal testing if the sperm count is less than 10 million per milliliter. Genetic testing is recommended if sperm count is found to be lower than 5 million per milliliter.

Common causes of infertility in men


The condition is related to abnormal dilation of scrotum veins. It can only be identified when a physical examination is conducted. Most commonly it is found on the left side but it can happen on both sides. Varicocele is very discomforting and it needs to be corrected if abnormalities have been found on semen analysis.  However, Varicocele is also found among fertile men who did not have any issues in conceiving.


It is related to the blockage in the reproductive tract. It could be the outcome of infection, trauma, or vasectomy.


Infertility may turn out to be the side effect of certain medications. Under the given circumstances if the administration of these medicines is stopped the men and his partner may be able to have a pregnancy. Common medications that may lead to infertility are chemotherapy for cancer and testosterone. These medications inhibit sperm production and cause infertility. If testosterone injections are stopped, it will allow sperm production to return at its normal level. Likewise, based on the amount and type of chemotherapy sperm production will recover over time.  It must be remembered that sperm production may not be recovered in some men. Hence, it is advisable to freeze sperm before chemotherapy.

Ejaculation problems and hormonal abnormalities are also responsible for infertility. However, these are treatable. Specialized testing is available for uncovering the underlying reason for abnormalities in hormonal levels like disorder in the pituitary gland.  Genetic disorders may also be responsible.  It is possible to treat some of these problems. It is important to have sufficient awareness of the aftermaths of these conditions on personal health and on the children conceived.

Treatment of male infertility problems

If the exact causes are diagnosed treatment becomes easier. For instance, Varicocele can be corrected surgically or with other procedures. Once Varicocele is corrected nearly 40 percent of men can conceive which again a variable of sperm count and motility.

There are instances when vasectomy can be reversed with surgery. Again it depends on the time period for which the man was living with vasectomy and how it was performed. Ejaculation and hormonal problem are correctable with proper medication if the causes are diagnosed properly.

Can men conceive if these problems cannot be corrected?

Yes, there is still hope. Men with an uncorrectable problem can have their own biological children. If sperm can be obtained then pregnancy is feasible with special fertility treatments. Nowadays sperms can be obtained from the reproductive tract i.e. testicle or epididymis and it can be used for IVF.  Advancements in modern medical science and fertility treatment have brought a ray of hope for childless couples.

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