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Is It Infertility_ Signs Symptoms and Next Steps

Is It Infertility? Signs Symptoms and Next Steps

Infertility issues are indeed something that bothers people, more so when it is not diagnosed in time. It is saddening that some people cannot become parents naturally but there is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about today because there are lots of treatment methods available to deal with these abnormalities of a human being like any other diseases they face in their regular lives.

At times, it becomes difficult to diagnose whether a person is infertile or not as because there are several instances where even though the couples are fertile, it takes time to conceive and become pregnant. In some cases, infertility is not always associated with conceiving or being able to get pregnant because there are conditions which lead to a miscarriage of the baby inside the mother’s womb due to certain clinical conditions of the mother.

That’s why the infertility specialist in Thane and other areas suggest to the couples who face any difficulty with childbirth to immediately consult them and take help so that they can diagnose what exactly the problem is!

So, how to detect whether you are infertile or not?

Often, couples fail to understand their fertility condition as they think it is the fate of their improper sexual intercourse which is deterring the women from conceiving. Hence, they delay consulting a fertility specialist and keep trying more with unprotected sex to become pregnant. It is only after they fail to conceive after frequent tries, they finally consult a fertility expert for help!

That is why knowing the signs and symptoms of infertility of both male and female sometimes helps in understanding whether the repeated failures in conceding is the case of infertility or is it a normal condition in them. The signs and symptoms of male infertility include

  • Failure of the proper erection of the penis, the male sex organ.
  • Production of lesser semen and sperm in each ejaculation
  • Not finding interest in sexual intercourse with a partner or suffering from performance anxiety

In most cases, finding symptoms of male infertility is not as easy as because it majorly depends on the semen health and production of sperm quantity which cannot be analyzed without carrying our certain tests. The signs and symptoms of female infertility include

  • Abnormal or irregular menstrual cycle
  • Repeated failure in conceiving
  • Miscarriages
  • Less or no sexual desire
  • Painful sex

Apart from these signs and symptoms, there are other internal causes of infertility in women which cannot be understood without carrying certain tests just like in the case of men. So, the external and quite obvious symptoms can tell whether you are infertile or fertile but these are still not an assurance to judge your fertility condition.

Therefore, going for tests and taking help of fertility experts is always recommended whenever you face any complications in your reproductive cycle.

What should you do after you find out it is the case of infertility that is causing hindrance in your natural childbirth?

Supposedly, the best answer to this question is that you must take help of an infertility expert as soon as possible to find out the severity of your condition and the modes of treatment available for the same.

If the doctors confirm that your condition can be treated with medicinal help and you will be able to give normal childbirth then you must go through the advised treatments and medications.

But if your condition is severe then you must take help of IVF treatment and become parents to your biological child, though not entirely biologically but through the in-vitro and in-vivo techniques carried out by the fertility experts. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if at all your condition cannot be treated through medicines, you still have hope!

The takeaway

Today we can see a lot of rising in cases of infertility; it prevailed before as well but the modes of treatments and other ways to deal with it have indeed come up a long way now unlike before. Nowadays, people have ample options to treat their infertility condition, depending upon what problems they are suffering from!

In some decades ago, the only option infertile couples had was to adopt a child or hunt for surrogate mothers who were not easily found. Now, you can get surrogacy and IVF treatments for delaying with your infertility which has come as a boon to those couples who lost hope of being parents in their lives.

The only thing that you should do is to consult an IVF or infertility specialist to understand what problems you are suffering from and the best options you have to deal with this issue. If it can be treated by medicinal dosages then its fine, but if not, then you have other options ready at hand! There is nothing to lose hope if you are infertile.

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