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Irregular Periods and Infertility

Irregular Periods and Infertility

If you are trying to get pregnant and your menstrual cycle is improper what is generally considered the normal then you have every reason to set about investigating why. With a normal menstrual cycle fertility has been shown to be four times greater than cycles which are ten days or more out of the normal. There is unevenness in a female’s body, which disturbs some hormone systems that may cause women to have a variety of indications of having an ovarian cyst. These indicators also include of having a high level of androgens, missed or irregular menstrual cycle and many small cysts in the ovaries. As a result of irregular periods and ovulation problems, many women with PCOS suffer from infertility. It is not an absolute certainty, because many women with PCOS have no problems conceiving and ovulating. Though, some women with PCOS experience irregular ovulation while some women do not ovulate at all. Most of the time those who felt that their irregular periods was due to stress will only discover that they have PCOS when they get evaluated for infertility treatment.

It is a little bit tough to get pregnant if menstrual cycle is irregular. Though, you can make the procedure easier by getting hold of trustworthy infertility treatment that will teach you and show you a way to calculate when the ovulation takes place so that it will help to increase your chances of getting conceiving. There are numerous ways of improving your hormones imbalance and subsequently the health of your reproductive system, not the least of which is by undertaking a preconception care program. Following a highly nutritious diet, avoiding harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking and supplementing for crucial elements such as zinc will have a direct positive impact on your chance of getting pregnant.

Irregular Periods and Infertility

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