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Including psychological intervention in infertility is a need of time

Including psychological intervention in infertility is a need of time

When a couple faces infertility, they tend to experience anguish, fear, uncertainty, despair, anger and disappointment. The mental states and these emotions produce a high level of anxiety. When couples go for infertility treatment in India it is often found that both types of couples- those who seek a baby naturally, and those who undergo assisted reproduction techniques, all live in a constant stream of emotions. And every month, when menstruation arrives, it is a tragedy for them. This reinforces all the negative emotions on them.

Emotional effects of Infertility:

Infertility influences both men and women emotionally. But above all, it also affects a couple’s relationship. When it comes to facing treatments, whatever their nature be, both are equally affected. The man feels attacked in his manhood and the woman in his most intimate capacity, give life, which leads to frustration being constant in their lives, affecting even their work and their social life. And when this happens, both begin to look for culprits, causing more frustration among them, since the fault is not anyone’s. That is the reason infertility treatment in India needs psychological support as well.

There are many couples who, when it is detected that there is a problem to achieve pregnancy, report that they no longer enjoy sexual relations in the same way, because they only have reproduction as their sole objective. This is just a small example of how infertility affects the couple.

This state of anxiety, caused by infertility, makes conception even more difficult, decreasing the likelihood of success. It is the whiting that bites its tail, infertility generates anxiety, and anxiety increases infertility. Believe it or not, the mind and fertility are inextricably linked.

The intervention of the psychologist in the treatment process

The psychological intervention has to adjust to each case and the characteristics that make it unique and special. The intervention can be done individually, in pairs and in groups. Besides done so face can be very useful support and telephone counselling. So, it would be desirable for all clinics specialized in assisted reproduction to provide this type of service to their patients.
The characteristics of the intervention and the therapeutic objectives will be different depending on the time of treatment in which the couple is.

Psychological support in the diagnostic phase

It is of special importance to provide the couple with the necessary information to understand and know the medical aspects of the treatment, as well as anticipate the emotional processes that may appear throughout the process. Thus, expectations are adjusted, uncertainties are eliminated and symptoms are normalized. Hence, psychological intervention plays an important role at every step.
It is essential to work on the maintenance or creation of social networks of support and collaboration, to favor the necessary distraction and relief in the hard time they are going through. That their lives do not stop and they do not stop taking care of themselves and the other.
Identification of values related to the couple and motherhood to face any discomfort in relation to what makes sense to them. Having clear the direction of their lives and face it together, in collaboration will make them stronger in the face of adversity. Helping them to accept the emotions so that they do not overwhelm or paralyze them. Relaxation techniques are also useful to stop the anxiety.

Support to infertile couples in the treatment phase

Psychologists will help with all the techniques that are necessary to control negative emotions. They will help develop the tolerance for negative emotions and depressing thoughts. Even if the couple gets into treatment they need to get over the fear of uncertainty so that medical treatments are more bearable. It is necessary for them not to accumulate emotions that end up overflowing.

The news of infertility affects sexual relationships and the expression of affection to some extent. Enjoying the intimate encounters should not become an automatic process devoid of pleasure.


Psychological intervention will help to face possible treatment failures. Helping to communicate with each other, incorporating rational thinking, seeking support from family and friends will help with the negative influence of infertility on their personal life and the household.

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