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Fertility Treatment Roadmap

Fertility Treatment Roadmap

The infertility problem can be related to both men and women. There are separate treatments done by the doctors in the fertility centers. Few treatments may pose a risk to the couples, but some other can prove successful for them. It solely depends on the doctor about which fertility treatments will bring 100% success.

Look out for Varied Fertility Treatment Options: Before opting for a fertility treatment, the patients must watch out for versatile options.

Ovarian stimulation is the procedure of oocyte maturation and inducing ovarian follicular development using medications. Stimulation can be used to bring a normal menstrual cycle (it means a cycle in which a single, mature oocyte is released) in ovulatory women (i.e. a woman who does not have periods). Ovulation stimulation medication regimes work by adaptable numerous endocrine functions (i.e. functions related to reproductive hormones). To a large extent these treatment regimes simply stimulate normal ovarian functions (e.g. growth of the endometrial lining, follicle development).

If the egg retrieved during ovulation is fertilised, the embryo (i.e. the fertilised egg) will directly commence production of a pregnancy related hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin. The making of hCG signals the corpus luteum to continue producing progesterone in order to support the forming pregnancy.

Ovarian stimulation hugely increases the efficiency of ART by enabling the collection of numerous mature oocytes per cycle. It can also be used to induce ovulation in an ovulatory women, and thus helps many infertile couples by enabling them to conceive.

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