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Fertile Window Calculator

Fertile Window Calculator

There is a definite window frame each month when a woman is utmost fertile. When the pituitary gland stimulates ovaries to release an egg, this is around ovulation. The released egg travels down the fallopian tubes. During this time is the perfect to fertilize the egg and get pregnant.

The fertile window calculator helps couples to figure out the exact time to try to get pregnant by predicting the woman’s most fertile days. Keep in mind that the results are just an approximation and can be affected by one’s cycle length and regularity. It is advised that the fertility calculator be used together with the ovulation prediction kit or the basal body temperature chart to get better guess on when you’re ovulating.

Using a fertile window calculator can help determine when ovulation is taking place. Make note of when period start and how many days each last. If cycles are consistently 28 days, ovulation typically occurs two weeks after the start of each period. If periods are longer, take the number of days in the shortest cycle and subtract 18. It is the number of days following the next period when fertility should be at its highest. The advantages of using this system to analyse fertility is that it is relatively easy. Unfortunately, when other facts affect ovulation, these can make calculations inaccurate. This is not a good method of periods are irregular.

You also have to be aware that any method of determining your fertile period is only an approximation. There is really no accurate method of pinpointing the exact time and date on which you can conceive. Using an ovulation calculator will give you an estimate of the day on which you will start ovulating, which is usually day 15 after your last menstrual cycle. You are likely to become pregnant the day after you ovulate, but after this it will be highly unlikely. Unlike the life span of the sperm, an egg can only live in the reproductive tract for 12 to 24 hours after ovulation.

Fertile Window Calculator

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