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What factors influence IUI success rates?

It is heartbreaking to be childless if you have been trying for a long time. It makes couples so desperate that they sometimes feel helpless in this situation. When a couple discovers that infertility is the problem they are actually facing, they turn to fertility treatments and expect that the treatments will cure their problem like magic.

If you are dealing with infertility it is very important to know the success rates of IUI in India. In general, the chance of conceiving in one cycle is about 10-15%; and the cumulative conception rate is about 50% over 4 treatment cycles. The IUI success rates in India and everywhere depend upon a variety of factors and the officially stated success rates are of general cases. They may vary depending upon the type of infertility the couple has and the age of the female.

The factors that influence IUI success rates:

  1. Sperm concentration in the semen. It is important that the sperm sample has to have a higher concentration of sperm- the one that is going to be used in the IUI procedure. The simple reason for that is- higher the number of sperms higher are the chances of egg fertilization. Therefore it is advised to abstain from sex or masturbation for about three days prior to semen donation.
  2. Having sex after the IUI procedure. It may seem unnecessary to have intercourse after the IUI procedure but experts have observed that it can be helpful for increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy. Experts believe that having intercourse releases certain chemicals and hormones in the body that can increase the chances of conception. However, in some cases fertility specialists warn couples to abstain from sex for a day, at least if the woman has experienced bleeding during the IUI process.
  3. Moderate or heavy exercise. While exercise is very good for overall health, it has been found that moderate to strenuous exercise reduces fertility levels. For this reason infertility experts advise women to avoid exercise during infertility treatments. Studies have shown that strenuous workouts or intense physical activities is linked to deceased rates of conception. Women who do strenuous exercise for longer periods are also twice as likely to have an implantation failure or pregnancy loss as compared to women who do not exercise. It is best to avoid cardio workouts and go for lower-intensity options such as walking, swimming or yoga when you are getting infertility treatments like IUI.
  4. Proper diet. There is no specific diet that has to be preferred while undergoing IUI treatment or other infertility treatments. Nevertheless, a balanced diet can positively affect all infertility treatments. Avoid processed foods and go for whole foods instead. Cut down foods containing refined floor like cakes and bakery products. This can help you avoid trans fats and high amount of sugar which can be detrimental to fertility and your overall health. Protein deficiency affects reproductive health, so having adequate protein in the diet can benefit infertility treatments.
  5. Stress: Stress affects almost every organ and system of the body. The reproductive system is very delicate and so stress can easily affect it and play havoc with it and reduce the chances of a positive outcome. Treatments like IUI would obviously cause some amount of stress and that is inevitable, so don’t be alarmed about it. It is important to carry some activities during the treatment that can reduce your stress. Yoga, walking, meditation, simple breathing exercises can help you soothe your nerves during IUI treatment.

In conclusion:

Infertility is a growing problem all over the world and about 10%-15% of young couples are affected by it. When couples discover infertility and they turn towards treatments like IUI, it is very important for them to follow the above guidelines to help increase the chances of pregnancy. This can help you get favorable results from the treatments.

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