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Endometrial Scratching and IVF

Endometrial Scratching and IVF

In case of not conceiving even after multiple IVF cycles, many parents look for another alternative that can be done for increasing the pregnancy chances in the next cycle. Often doctors suggest going with endometrial scratching. So what exactly is it, and how it increases the chances of conceiving? Let’s dig deeper to know about all such things:

What is endometrial scratching?

It is a process of improving endometrial receptivity, which increases the chances of becoming a mother in women undergoing IVF treatment. This procedure is usually done on women who have undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles despite good quality embryos.

This process is also termed as endometrial biopsy, as it involves biopsy of uterus lining known as ‘endometrium.’ This biopsy is done by passing a thin catheter via the cervix. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia, but still, patients are advised to take over-the-counter pills for overcoming pain.

How endometrial works?

It is still unclear how endometrial increases the chances of pregnancy. But as per one theory, endometrial scratching results in inflammatory response inside the endometrial. This response is just like a scratch on any other part of the body. It is believed that the wound healing response of the body leads to a better environment inside the endometrial, and it increases the chances of successful embryo implantation for pregnancy. The reason why the healing process will improve implantation:

  • The release of hormones with pro inflammatory cytokines because of scratching makes the new lining more receptive to embryo implantation.
  • Genes, which plays a pivotal role in endometrium preparation, becomes more active, which otherwise remains turned off during implantation procedure.

Is this process really supports pregnancy? 

There are studies which are showing the positive impacts of endometrial scratching. Some studies have shown that pregnancy rates increase by 50% through this procedure. However, no one can say confidently that this procedure can increases pregnancy chances. Still, there is a need for more research to know the efficiency of this treatment. Currently, no side effects of this procedure on the mother or baby have been identified.

Possible side effects

Although the endometrial scratching process is safe and can be done without anesthesia. But some side effects involve:

  • Mild bleeding
  • Abdominal cramps for some time.
  • Pelvic infection in some cases.
  • Disruption of early pregnancy, especially if the scratching is done in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Pelvic infection happens because the infection spreads to the uterine cavity from the cervix. The symptoms may appear within ten days of the scratching procedure. To avoid such conditions, many women are screened before endometrial scratching.

Back to home after endometrial scratching

It is expected to get mild cramping just like a period or a little spotting after the procedure. If required, patients can take medicines for the same. The scratching is done in the cycle before undergoing treatment. In case the embryo implantation is canceled or postponed, the scratching process is supposed to repeat before the next treatment date. A patient must talk with the doctor about this.

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 Talk with your doctor before opting for this treatment. He or she can give you the better advice regarding the success rate through scratching, by understand your body condition.

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