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Embryo Transfer_ What You Need To Know

Embryo Transfer: What You Need To Know

Infertility comes with many complications and issues related to both the mental and physical health of the sufferers. Although it is nothing to be disappointed nor to feel ashamed of, you still cannot deny the fact that knowing you are not a normal individual who can give birth to a child biologically is disheartening.

There was not much to do with the infertile couples some few decades back when the only option was to adopt a child or indulge in a second marriage for having a child. But as the aspects of science and technology has improved over time and today fertility treatment options have increased to a greater extent.

Times have changed….

When you have got the advanced technologies to assist you getting your child through artificial procedures is no more a difficult task. The IVF treatment options have become popular amongst the infertile couples since the past few decades but it has only gained recognition and acceptance from a vast section of the society in the recent past years.

Previously, people had many wrong notions about getting the IVF treatments done and believed too many myths surrounding it. But today, with the proliferation of both education and the introduction of digital media in every household, people have come across the exact idea of what the IVF treatment is all about and why it comes with no strings attached to itself.

Out of all the IVF techniques used for providing a child to the infertile couple, the frozen embryo transfer method is considered to be one crucial method mainly associated with the female infertility issues. We will discuss more on this below

How the process of frozen embryo transfer works?

Firstly, the embryo from a fertile female is extracted through surgical methods by the fertility experts and that means any female willing to extract it is not infertile or at least can produce the female gametes even if they cannot conceive or carry the baby in her womb.

When the process of extraction is completed, the eggs are frozen in either liquid nitrogen solution or through the cryopreservation process at very low degrees of temperature.

It can be preserved for days, months or years depending upon the requirements of the infertile couples. Women generally freeze their embryos for certain purposes like if they anyhow become less fertile with age or cannot conceive later they can utilize their own eggs to get on the IVF treatments and have a child.

Secondly, if they cannot conceive or carry the baby in their womb then their embryo can be fertilized in vitro with either a male donor or their male partners’ sperms and transferred to a surrogate mother to carry on with the further process of childbirth. And in this way, the frozen embryo is fertilized and transferred to either the same woman or a surrogate mother for facilitating the process of childbirth.

Is it always a successful procedure? How much is the cost?

In most cases, the chances of a successful embryo transfer occur when done through the experts in the field. And the success rates of such processes are always high. But it needs proper care by the ones who keep the frozen embryo as the viability of the eggs must be intact till the tie it is not utilized.

Once the viability is lost chances of pregnancy or getting successful fertilization may not be able to get accomplished no matter how hard you try. As far as the cost of this process is concerned, it is only expensive when wanting the embryo to remain in a frozen condition for long.

With repetitive cycles of the embryo being in a frozen state, the charges keep on increasing with passing months and years. But with you decide to go for a short term period of the same, it may come under an affordable price range.

The bottom line

As we have always read, with every problem there definitely comes a solution. Well, the solution might take time to come, but it arrives anyway! Thus, infertile couples a few decades back might have lost hope about their reproductive functioning and could have stopped expecting a child of their own, but the IVF solutions to infertility have paved its way today and millions of infertile couples are getting benefitted through the various IVF procedures.

Amongst all these IVF treatment solutions, the frozen embryo transfer is also counted as one of the most sorted IVF treatment which goes down well in almost every infertility issues. You can utilize your frozen eggs either for yourself or can donate it; either way, it can bring hope into the lives of the infertile couples and help them get a child of their own! So, if you are planning to get this treatment done, you can go for it without a doubt!

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