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Does Endometrial Scratching Increase Your Chance Of IVF Success

Does Endometrial Scratching Increase Your Chance Of IVF Success?

When a couple faces infertility issues, they look out for options to get it treated. When at last they fail to treat the infertility cause and thereby get to know that they are permanently infertile, they look out for options of artificial childbirth. Thanks to the advanced science and technology these days the infertile couples have at least got hope of having their own child non-biologically.

Infertility has always prevailed in our society since time immemorial, only the thing that has changed in the past decades is how the common people and the infertile couples are looking at its solution!

Unlike before when the only option left in front of the couples was child adoption, today, they can even have their own biological child through the various IVF procedures when they cannot give birth naturally. The Infertility Treatment through IVF is indeed a boon for all those unfortunate individuals who have long lost hope in their reproductive effectiveness and their ability to become a parent.

But there are some certain issues that need to be taken care of while you are undergoing the IVF treatments which includes leading a healthy lifestyle, timely visiting the infertility clinic for completing the procedure, choosing the best test tube baby centre for taking care of your in vitro fertilization procedure etc.

Amongst all these, there is one more than the infertility experts suggest doing to make your IVF pregnancy a successful one and that is nothing less than endometrial scratching. We shall discuss more on this below. Read on to know more

Let us first know what exactly endometrial scratching is…

Well, in simple words it is a procedure which is carried out by the infertility expert to increase the power of receptivity and increase the chances of implantation within the uterus by making it more vigour towards the embryo.

When you are undergoing IVF treatment, you get a fertilized embryo transferred to your uterus or fallopian tube for further facilitation of the pregnancy process.

But at times due to poor reproductive health conditions or age issues, the endometrial lining may reject the transferred embryo, hence making an unsuccessful pregnancy. Therefore, the doctors in treatment call for endometrial scratching to enhance the IVF Success rate.

It can also be called endometrial biopsy where a thin flesh from the endometrium is taken out through a catheter and to make it more vulnerable towards the acceptance of the embryo towards the uterus. Therefore, endometrial scratching can prove to be beneficial for the ones undergoing IVF treatment for infertility issues.

Is it safe or convenient to undergo endometrial scratching during the IVF treatments?

If we go by what the infertility experts suggest, going for an endometrial scratch is never a bad idea and it is safe too! Actually, it is more convenient for those infertile females who have faced repeated failures in conceiving during the IVF treatment.

Moreover, the infertility experts suggest getting this done so that the chances of the successful embryo implantation increases and the IVF process gets a successful outcome. It has almost no risk attached with it and hence can be declared a safer addition to the IVF procedures to increase the chance of IVF success.

So, when you think of getting the IVF process done but you are facing repeated failures in getting successful results for the same, you may consult your infertility specialists for undergoing endometrial scratching to provide you with a safer and successful IVF pregnancy. After all, why not do your best to get a child when you can!

The bottom line

Today, the IVF Treatment Success Rate has increased three folds than what it was before some few years; all thanks to the growing technological advancements! Nowadays, it has become easier for infertility experts to go to the root cause of the infertility issues and get it treated!

And if not treated, at least they know which IVF treatment is best for their infertile patients which can give them the joy of becoming happy parents to their child. But many a time, we get to see that even after choosing the best infertility expert or undergoing the best IVF treatment, women fail to conceive!

They have to go through repeated failed IVF pregnancies and yet they cannot conceive. This can be both crucial on their mental and physical health with an additional cost for each repetitive IVF cycle.

So, at times to make the entire process a successful one and reduce the chances of failure of the IVF procedures, the infertility experts sometimes suggest doing endometrial scratching which might increase the chances of the same. Thus if you or someone you know is undergoing IVF treatments for getting pregnant endometrial scratching might be a good option to rely upon!

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