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Best Surrogacy Clinic In India

When all the other fertility treatments have failed there is only one way to achieve motherhood. It is by having a child with the help of a surrogate.

If you are thinking of getting a surrogate for having a child it is extremely important to be cautious while selecting one. Only the best surrogacy clinic can help you with the very best of everything.

Here are the precautions the best surrogacy clinics in India follow while choosing a surrogate for your child:

· The clinic hires surrogates ethically:

The clinic finds surrogates ethically. It ensures that they are healthy and with good childbearing history. They hire her only with the consent of her husband or father. They actively avoid surrogacy without will, as a favor or an obligation which can be proved as unethical.

· The clinic does proper documentation of the surrogate:

The clinic does all the necessary documentation of the surrogate. They verify all the original documents related to her name, age, address, marital status, husband’s name, bank account, gestational parity, children, and her background. Good clinics do that because surrogacy is subject to many legal issues.

· The clinic should find out about her medical conditions if any:

The clinic conducts surrogate screening test before getting a woman in the surrogacy program. They do hysteroscopy, ECG, Chest X ray, for ruling out any medical problems that might be present. A fertility expert evaluates the hormonal status, pelvic condition, etc.

· The doctors at the clinic discuss the legal issues with you:

The clinic discusses about the laws concerning surrogacy in India. The clinic can also provide a surrogacy lawyer who can best explain things like the rights over the child, obligations under the contract, and repercussions of failing to meet any clause etc. The clinic keeps clarity in all the things so that you are not susceptible to any legal issues later.

· The clinic discusses financial concerns in surrogacy with you and the surrogate:

The surrogacy clinic explains you and the surrogate all the financial terms, payment schedule, incentive payables, obligations, if any. Assistance in financial arrangements can help both the parties. The best clinics encourage all the payments to be made through checks.

· Check the psychological state of the surrogate

The doctors carry out psychological evaluation of the surrogate with the help of a psychologist. They ensure that she is mentally prepared, and does not have any past traumas or mental disorders.

Good clinics follow these criteria for selecting a surrogate:

  • Her age must be strictly between of 21-35 years. Most preferably – 21 to 30.
  • She must be willing to undergo physical, medical and psychological evaluation and tests.
  • She must be having a sincere desire to help infertile couple achieve parenthood.
  • She must have had her own child before.
  • Is aware of the hazards of addiction (smoking / tobacco / alcohol) on pregnancy and the baby.
  • She must have delivered, preferably, more than 2 years before.
  • She must be ready to sign all the legal documents that mention the rights of actual parents over the child.

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