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7 key lifehacks to cope with infertility

It is very important not to be obsessed with the fact that you are ​​not able to conceive. Also blaming your partner does not help. That is because you don’t become infertile by choice, rather it was something that was out of your control or conscious choice. In today’s world, there are many infertility treatments that are helping a lot of infertile couples to have healthy children. When couples are officially diagnosed with infertility by a specialist, the infertility clinic can reduce their stress and depression about being infertile. That increases the possibility of infertility treatment success and conceiving with continual care and support.

The emotional havoc caused the news of infertility can only be overcome by accepting the situation and finding seeking the right medical help. Therefore, it is very important for you, as a couple, to gather the courage to face the difficulty and find the best way to cope with it together. Remember expert treatment can bring you success.

How can infertility affect your relationship?

The apparent impossibility of having a child can mean a very complicated crisis for the couple. That requires psychological support so that it does not affect their relationship. It is necessary to keep them away from the blame game. The way in which each member assumes the situation can cause problems in the relationship since both partners can experience it differently. Usually, if you are a woman, you suffer more from loss and a sense of incompetence due to biological issues; however, this does not mean that your partner does not suffer.

Problems that may occur include:

  • Episodes of stress and anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Social isolation
  • Communication problems
  • Difficulties in the sexual activity

Tips for coping with infertility problem

When there is a desire to conceive it can be very difficult to accept infertility and overcome the emotional problems caused by it. To cope with this difficulty and prevent it from affecting quality and life, it is essential to adopt a healthy attitude and be willing to overcome it.

1. Maintaining communication

Mutual communication is very important. This is particularly necessary after the diagnosis because that can be a very tense time for both of you. Avoiding silence is a must during this time. Unity and empathy for each other’s emotions play a determining role in avoiding negative feelings and trying to find alternatives.

2. Request help from experts

You should consult infertility specialists immediately clarify all the doubts related to infertility. They will share the experiences of other couples who have gone through the same thing and, especially, they will inform on the alternatives that they have for you to have a child.

3. Find Information

Being informed can help you avoid a lot of distress. At present, there are several treatments and processes through which the couple can cope with infertility and increase their chances of conceiving. However, these do not work in all people and you should always be aware that they can fail over and over again. If you are well-informed about everything you can avoid emotional highs and lows.

4. Prepare for difficult times

Accepting this impossibility, it is important to strengthen emotionally for those moments in which, for one reason or another, you might come across a pregnant woman or a baby or the topic of having children. In such situations, women are the most affected, because they feel the frustration of not being able to have children. You need to be strong despite everything. Thinking rationally will help you avoid much emotional stress. Think like- “nothing bothers us unless we choose to let it bother us.”

5. Actively avoid stress

Thinking about this problem all the time can be a source of stress and anxiety at the individual and couple level. To avoid it, it is best to keep busy, try to do activities that generate pleasure and look for all kinds of hobbies to relax. Remember being infertile is not a curse. It is a misfortune but you can overcome it with timely treatment.

6. Have a positive attitude

Enjoying the present and looking at the future with a positive attitude is essential to find a solution to the problem. Try to avoid paying attention to the causes of infertility (that may be many) and focus on the aspects of daily life that are possible to control and from which you can obtain pleasant experiences. Be positive.

7. Continue your daily routine

If there are no possibilities of treatment or the treatment failed, you should be able to take up your normal happy life. You can do it with new interests and activities. If you have decided that adopting is not an option, it is best to change your attitude about your life and happiness. In addition, the only aim of the life of a couple is not just having children. Apart from that, there are many things to dream of and many things to accomplish. You will be having infertility treatment but only having a child is not the aim of your life. There are various routes to happiness.


If you are infertile you will receive expert attention and infertility treatment in Thane at Progenesis fertility center. There are high chances that you will have a child with the treatment. The time period when you have been diagnosed with infertility are receiving treatment is the most difficult one. This is where you need to cope with the emotional effects of infertility and the initial treatment failure. If you cope with infertility better you will be able to dodge a lot of distress and blues.

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