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21 Days Fertility Diet Challenge

Researchers and doctors have repeatedly emphasized how diet has an effect on our body. An Unhealthy diet is one of the major factors attributing to infertility and low sperm count. A correct diet can do wonders when it comes to increasing the fertility levels. It’s always better to maintain a proper diet before you try to conceive, it improves your fertility levels, and there is then no need for any fertility treatments.

An unhealthy diet has an adverse effect on our body and so on the fertility. It affects the reproduction system. It hampers the Sperm count, leads to Endometriosis, can lead to PCOS and also affects the health of the egg.

As we can see, diet plays such a quintessential role when it comes to fertility. It can flip all the fertility-related issues and create situations for conception and healthy pregnancy. 21-day fertility challenge has proven to be very helpful to deal with fertility related issues and thereby leading to fertilization. If you are undergoing fertility treatment, then taking the fertility diet challenge will make the fertility treatment more effective.

Take the 21-day fertility diet challenge –

In the 21-day fertility diet challenge, you have to add five things to your diet and follow them strictly. These are five essentials and are needed to be a part of our pre-existing diet. Whatever diet chat is prescribed to you, you need to add these five things to it.

1. Increase the water intake:

You must consume one-quarter of water in the morning. You have started your day with this no matter what. This is the first and most important step in the 21-day fertility diet challenge. To maintain our water needs its found they require to consume about two-quarters of water a day.

Drinking a big glass of water at the start of the day allows us to get rid of all the toxins and rebuild your body. Another tip while following this step is to avoid water bottle, plastic kills the essential ingredients water contains.

You can make the water more effective by squeezing a lemon or lime into it. To add a few flavors, cucumber slices or grated cucumber or mint leaves to it. All these ingredients are a great detox for our body. Drink water throughout the day, do not forget to carry your water bottle wherever you go.

2. Drink Smoothie/juices:

Smoothies are simple and easy to make an item. They are great when it comes to taste. They are simply the tastiest way to get nutrition. You just have put the ingredients in and blend it. Smoothies can he make out of any fruits.

Juices are light and again very simple to make and are great to keep your digestive system on track. Smoothies and juices are rich in vitamins, fiber and are antioxidants.
So drinking healthy items like these can bring about the needed results.

3. Have a Big bowl of green salad per day:

Eating your vegetables right is very important. Eating them raw is the best thing you can do to your body. One of the essential 5 is to have a big bowl of green salad every day. Raw fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and various vital vitamins and minerals that a human body should get before accepting the pregnancy. Vitamins and minerals are responsible for the health of your eggs and maintain hormonal balance in our body.

4. Dark green leafy veggies are a must:

Greens do wonder to your body. Dark leafy green vegetables are rich in vital minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and chlorophyll. Either you eat them raw or cooked, it’s up to your preference. But one thinks you must keep in mind to ensure that they are consumed before an hour before they are cooked. Cooking depletes the required essential ingredients.
Fun fact about green leafy vegetables is that initially it seems that you cannot take them, but after two-three rounds, you actually like the taste. Don’t believe it? Get started on it and you’ll know.

5. Drink one green juice daily:

This may sound very untasty, but a little bit of putting up with untasty items can bring in great results. As a part of your 21-day challenge, this is the fifth most important thing to include in your diet. This has several benefits like balancing hormonal levels, balancing effect cycle, proper blood flow to the uterus, cleaning the liver and blood and of course hydrating the body.

Take a 21-day fertility challenge before you move on to taking a fertility treatment if you are already undergoing a fertility treatment then flowing the diet can make the treatment more effective. This 21-day challenge is not only for women but also men. It is a great way to treat infertility and also amazing to keep yourself, healthy!

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