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Why Progenesis

Progenesisivf Center having equipment and expertise like separate Andrology lab, IVF lab, Ovum pick up OT, Embryo transfer room and IUI, room for better functioning and better outcome.

Forefront of fertility centre with consistent Success rates at Par with the best clinics in the world

Color Doppler Sonography machine to monitor follicular development and endometrial blood flow for better decision making regarding superovulation in IUI, IVF & ICSI.

Highlight of Us

Top Class High-End IVF lab among the best in the world with the most advanced methods and technologies

State of the art facilities and for ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) procedures like IUI, IVF and ICSI

Personalised attention and world class medical care

Parenthood is eternally rewarding and most fulfilling experience for a couple, unfortunately, there are few couples who are devoid of this happiness.

Dr Malagaonkar’s Progenesis Fertility Center is a place where such couples are realised their dream of parenthood.

We at Dr Malagaonkar’s Progenesis Fertility Center understand the pain & agony of childless couples and offer a wide range of service including modern diagnostics and therapeutic facilities for infertility treatment all under one roof with Passion for giving the child to infertile couples.

  • Excellent Success Rates

  • Advanced Reproductive Technology

  • Innovation in Patient Care

  • World class In-house ART Laboratories

  • Best Quality Standards

  • Ethical Practices

Welcome to Progenesis
India’s Fastest Growing Brands In IVF

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