What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology, And How Does It Work?

As it is suggested by the name itself, assisted reproductive technology or ART is such a mode of treatment for the infertile couples which helps them achieve pregnancy and childbirth even though they suffer from infertility issues.

This mode of treatment involves both the men and women and deal with their infertility woes effectively and help them have a child without the biological procedure. The fertility treatment options today have seen so many highs that the infertile individuals must not worry about their inability to give birth to a child when they find out about their reproductive inabilities.

The developed science and technology have made it possible for every infertile individual to attain childbirth through the various IVF treatment options available for the same! The conditions might differ in every individual and thus, the treatment options also differ accordingly.

There are many kinds of IVF solutions available today which solely represent the assisted reproductive technology and thus provides the joy of parenthood to the seemingly unfortunate couples who cannot give birth to a child in a biological way.

So, what are the aspects of assisted reproductive technology?

Basically, ART is involved in providing a solution to those couples who have permanent infertility issues. Those who cannot give birth to a child even after going through various infertility treatments like medications and surgeries, the assisted reproductive treatments are a boon to them.

And not only for the married infertile couples, but this technology can also bring hope to the lives of single parents, gay or lesbian couples who cannot produce a biological child but want to experience parenthood.

The kind of IVF solutions available today includes sperm and ovum donation, ICSI, IUI, ZIFT, GIFT, surrogacy, ovulation cycle tracking, sperm and egg freezing, test-tube baby, etc. Thus, you can easily conclude that the aspects of IVF or assisted reproductive technology is vast and it helps provide beneficial results to the couples who cannot give birth naturally!

When should you take the assisted reproductive treatment for your fertile health?

It is one very important question that might bother people, i.e., when they must consult an infertility expert to get the assisted reproductive treatment for their fertile health. Well, generally this must be done in cases where you and your partner have tried having unprotected sex for more than 6 months or 1 year with negative results or when you notice symptoms that suggest you have issues with your reproductive system.

Whenever an individual gets the help of an infertility expert, he or she would be guided to the best of treatments which may include an IVF solution or assisted reproductive treatment. Also, individuals seeking to be a single parent and gay or lesbian couples wanting to have a child must visit the infertility experts on time to get the best suggestions and treatments for their conditions to have a child of their own!

How effective is the ART in solving infertility woes?

If we see around us or go by the statistics, the assisted reproductive treatment has been the most coveted solution to the infertile couples who have lost hope in parenthood. By far, there are millions of babies around the world who were born through these assisted treatment programmes and leading a happy and healthy life with their parents who once thought that they cannot be a parent!

Not only that, today more and more number of people are taking interest in these assisted reproductive technologies without any kind of stigmas attached and thus, in the coming years it is more likely to grow further to help the infertile couples in every nook and corner of the world. So, we can conclude that ART is a successful treatment option for the infertile couple and is equally effective as well!

The takeaway

In the last few decades, assisted reproductive technology has spread like fire. Many couples who earlier were in despair about being unable to give birth to a child can now have their own child through the various IVF process.

Not only that, some couples can even be parents to a child of their own genetic lineage in cases where the gametes of both the parents are healthy enough to be fertilized but they cannot have a successful pregnancy followed by childbirth due to some other reproductive disabilities.

That is why people today are more hopeful than they were some few decades back when it comes to being unable to bear a child. The infertility treatment options are so widely available today that it has become easy for couples to consult and take advantage of these treatments even if they are based in rural areas.

Thankfully the world is developing and we will get to see more such assisted reproductive treatments bringing hope and joy in the lives of the unfortunate infertile couples.

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