Ways to deal with secondary infertility

For those who don’t know what is Secondary infertility, it is not a kind of a disease or rather depicts an infertile person. It is the inability of a person to being fertile for the second time or not being able to meet the conditions of childbirth after the first delivery. It can occur in both male and females and there is nothing to only typecast a woman for this inability.

There are certain reasons why people face this issue these days, one of which is obviously an unhealthy lifestyle. It not reduces the male sperm counts but also affects the female reproductive system to an extent that they either fail to conceive or produce an ovum. The symptoms of this in males can be impaired or reduced sperm production, unhealthy sperms, the improper penetrating ability of the sperms, etc.

The symptoms for the same in women can be ovulation disorders, damaged fallopian tube, endometriosis and other clinical conditions concerning the uterus. People must not think that if they had a smooth first pregnancy experience then it can be that smooth the second time as well.

There can be hurdles but there are still ways to deal with the condition of secondary infertility. We will discuss it but let us first know what actually causes this clinical condition!

In most cases, the problems in getting pregnant for the second time is associated with the first pregnancy itself. There may be some complications with the mother’s reproductive system or showing up of any clinical conditions, like damaged uterus or fallopian tubes due to which the process becomes difficult for the mother.

Apart from the clinical conditions, some other external factors also play a key role in developing secondary infertility like extra weight gain or obesity, age factor, etc. Similarly, with the father it can be the pressure of everyday life that can cause a reduction in the sperm production or due to overweight and excessive drinking or smoking and other such habits, the sperms can be unhealthy to an extent where it cannot fertilize the eggs.

Now, we will discuss how to make a way out of being secondarily infertile or how to deal with it.

Change your lifestyle- an unhealthy lifestyle is a major cause towards secondary infertility and so, changing it a bit to adjust the healthiness of both mental and physical health is well advised by the health experts to overcome it. It is not that the unhealthy lifestyle does not cause complications to first childbirths but sometimes there are no other complications which join it and thus, the pregnancy is easily achieved. But in the case of a second child, other complications also show up, due to which it causes this clinical condition to the parents.

Focus on your sex life- often couples “think of it” too much than actually “having it”. It is considerable with couples that having sex for a baby is different than normal sex and thus, having surpassed the first pregnancy with ease, you do not always take the second time seriously and the result is effortless sex which do not make you capable of being pregnant. Take your “second baby making sex” seriously and put in efforts even more than what you did for the previous child.

Consider the status of your health- avoid such things which complicate your health matters. For example, do not eat unhealthily, do not stay awake for long, and do not be too attached to your mobile phones, etc., as these may affect your health adversely. Also, taking too much stress or work pressure can make you infertile to a greater extent. Take care of your health, only when you are physically and mentally fit to bear a child, chances are more that you can have one!

Check out on the obese issues- it is often seen in cases of the ladies, that they gain weight after the first pregnancy. It is one of the most crucial factors which causes secondary infertility. Being overweight or having obesity issues may lead to failure in conceiving or even an unhealthy uterus to carry the baby inside. So check your weight gain issues for overcoming this clinical condition.

Consult a doctor- at last, when all other options fail and you try too many times for the baby, do consult a doctor as and when needed. Do not be your own expert and provide illogical excuses. Any issue with being fertile can be treated with the help of clinical methods once you consult a good health expert for that.

These are some of the ways to deal with this type of infertility issues and if you can follow them, it can definitely prove to be helpful and let you feel the joy of having a second child without any complications.