Things You Must Discuss with an IVF Specialist

Things You Must Discuss with an IVF Specialist

Undergoing IVF can be intimidating and overwhelming. Hence, the first appointment gives a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions regarding IVF treatment, how it works, and what to expect to clear any doubts.

But along with these questions, there are other things you must discuss with your doctor that helps calm your nerves by preparing for what is coming ahead.

Thus, to guide you better through your IVF journey, we have shortlisted 5 things you must discuss with an IVF specialist, whether you are trying IVF for the first time or considering IVF second opinion.

5 things you must discuss with an IVF specialist

Start by asking about the clinic’s success rate as a whole and for patients like you

The important thing to remember is that when we talk about success rates, we are talking about live birth rates, not clinical pregnancy rates, which might include miscarriages.

Your IVF specialist should be able to talk about their success rates—both for successful IVF cycles and live births for their clinic and patients with a similar background to yours.

Another thing to consider here is that whether you are choosing an IVF center in India or any IVF center overseas, the success rate of IVF depends on maternal age and a combination of other factors.

Ask your IVF specialist about the financial and emotional aspects

True, IVF brings you one step closer to parenthood, but you can’t deny that the treatment process is emotionally and financially draining. As a result, before making any commitment, a couple must be financially, emotionally, and physically prepared.

You must also be emotionally ready in case the IVF fails, you might also think of taking IVF second opinion in a hurry. This is why having a proper counseling session about the various aspects of IVF treatment, costs, success rates, risks, and complications are necessary.

Know about any possible risks and side effects

Just like natural pregnancy, IVF can have a significant physical impact on the pregnant woman. There are a few pregnancy risks or potential complications that you should be aware of.

If you have any unusual symptoms throughout your treatment, such as severe abdominal discomfort, fever, inflammation, headaches, leg redness, etc., you must consult your doctor immediately.

Know the clinic’s treatment approach and potential timeline for your case?

Know that your actual process and timeline may differ from their projections, but asking your doctor exactly how they would handle your case and how long they expect it to take, can set up expectations clearly from the beginning.

Also, don’t forget to ask whether they give online IVF consultations , this will help you stay connected, even if you are out of town.

Lastly, ensure you’re working with a communicative IVF specialist who works hard to ensure you have support when you need it.

Know if they have anybody on call for immediate concerns

Making a conscious choice of an IVF specialist is crucial. You must know your options clearly and consent to the next steps with full knowledge.

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