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What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an infertility treatment, which employs the agreement of surrogacy for the carrying of the pregnancy for parents, who are unable to do the same due to some medical problems. Surrogacy is generally of two types:

  • Gestational – Gestational surrogacy is the one which only carries the pregnancy for the intended parents after implantation of the embryo in vitro in the clinic laboratory. The surrogate mother here is just the carrier and no genetic connection remains between the baby and the surrogate mother.
  • Traditional – Traditional surrogacy involves the pregnancy by natural or artificial process involving the whole process of pregnancy with the surrogate mother. This type bears a relationship between the baby and the surrogate mother.

 The Gestational type of surrogacy is mostly preferred over the traditional one, since it involves lesser legal complications than the later.

What Is the Take Home Point from this Reading?

It is researched and surveyed that more than 70% of women at the edge of 40 years of age have successful pregnancies through Assisted Reproductive Technology like IVF, Sperm Donations, Eggs and Embryo Donation as well. With techniques like frozen and preserved eggs & embryo use, experts have also taken the treatment procedures to soaring heights of success. With the advancement in treatment, the availability of egg donors and sperm donors as well as egg banks & sperm banks have enormously increased in numbers. Many clinics in India have their own banks like such, but most couples prefer fresh donation and transplantation though the cost may range higher in such cases. There are still people who are not aware of these advanced procedures, still the awareness for them is very important, because it proves as a boon for many couples, who long for a baby throughout their lifetime but remain empty handed.

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