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Prepregnancy Health

Why and How to Ensure Good Pre-Pregnancy Health?

If you think that, you know it all about pregnancy, then give us a break. Pregnancy ideally can be considered as the third compartment of a woman’s life. First, when she was a kid and things were rocking, second she was a self-conscious teenager, worried about the “self-body image” and third when she is going through this craving to become a mother. This statement might sound regressive to many; however, even the medical experts cannot deny the universality of this truth related to the female behavior. There is nothing wrong, it is instinctive, it is a mental age, but this age sometimes leads us an area of deficiency where many women find that they are not fit on the barometers of fertility and carrying a baby in their womb.

What Is Pregnancy Planning?

A big percentage of women are taking this third compartment of their life a little too seriously these days. Preconception care has emerged as a volatile topic for these women. Working women, women in their late 20’s, and even nubile girls, they all are considering it as a serious area of life. No matter what path you have followed in your life during the first two-quarters of your life, this third part requires you to be at your physical best. Now, you might have this question popping up in your head that says how to prepare for pregnancy? The answer is quite simple, you need to put an attention on two factors, and the first factor is related to your menstrual cycle calculator.

Why Menstrual Cycle Calculator Is Important?

Most women think that mere entry of semen into their reproductive system affects in the form of pregnancy alone.It is a half truth.Semen makes other changes in a female body as well.It can cause hardening of the nipples, it can bring in vomiting sensations, and many more changes. This is why it is important to be in touch with someone who can guide you with your period and ovulation tracker.It is something that you can easily find on the Internet or you can even consult an expert on the same website where you are reading this compilation. This tracker can help you in taking a note of all the symptoms and ensure that you are perfectly healthy for the first part of the game.

What Is the Significance of pre pregnancy dietCharts in Accordance with the Fertility Needs?

Let us keep aside fitness needs for a while.Instead of going for an out and out fitness diet, you should try to shift your focus towards fertility diet. Again, we are making a regressive note here, but the fact cannot be denied that with the passage of time, word diet won a connotation of the slimming process; women design their diets in order to stay slim. Awareness is increasing, and a big percentage of women are also  thinking in the terms of fitness diets as well, but fitness diets are not sufficient when you are looking up for a pre-pregnancy diet. Here once again, you should have two goals, the first goal is to have some nutrients for ideal fertility conditions, and the second goal is to have a solid base where you can bring up a baby in your tummy.

What Role Do the Dieticians Play?

Dieticians play a crucial role along with gynecologist when you go for pregnancy advice. Since our body cannot manufacture all the necessary vitamins, and whatever it can produce has a limit attached to its supply, pregnancy calls for an additional supply of pregnancy vitamins to meet the increased needs of additional load of pregnancy. Consult it with a pregnant woman, and she will tell you straight that she is taking folic acid tablets on a regular basis being a part of her pregnancy vitamin regimen.

Why do we need to take folic acid before pregnancy?

Folic acid is an important ingredient to ensure proper formation of baby’s central nervous system. Ideally, folic acid pills are an important part of the pre-pregnancy planning and after getting pregnant; these pills should be taken during the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy. You can also find some multivitamin pills that contain certain vitamins, iron, and folic acid. Gynecologists prescribe these pills because they want to maintain your nutrition and hemoglobin count to a healthy level. This supplement intake is necessary in pregnancy; it works like a prerequisite. It is also necessary for the baby as well. You can meet the increased need of folic acid by taking supplements available in the form of pills or capsules.You can also take folic acid in the form of natural resources, and this is where you can take the help of an expert dietician to guide you through.

What to Eat?

Think beyond regular diets and traditional culinary delights designed for the pregnancy. If you are planning to get pregnant, then go for rich balanced diets.When we try to sum out the extract of culinary practices during pregnancy, we find this statement as a diktat coming out from the side of senior fraternity, the truth is something else. Prenatal care diet or pregnancy diet is a different ball game; it should be a balanced diet by all standards. Traditional methods endorse “pregnancy fats”; however; we need to think in terms of essential pregnancy vitamins as well. “Pregnancy Vitamins have emerged as a moniker that common masses have given to “balanced pregnancy diet.”

Many Phony Medicines Are Selling On the Same Pretext

Search it on the Internet and you will find that they are selling many types of medicines in the name of pregnancy nutrients; they are pushing forward some regular theories, and trying to establish some farfetched conclusions based on them. For instance, it is true that female body needs excessive of calcium and vitamin D during the days of pregnancy; however, in most of the cases, they are not required to a level where you take all these fancy drugs. It is always better to take advice from an expert dietician rather than going for a botched up bottle full of some pills.

What Is an IVF Diet?

If we go by the expertise of seasoned IVF expert, Dr Malagaonkar; then, IVF Diet is a farfetched statement. When we check it out in the books of medical experts, then again we find that there is no such concept of IVF diet that can be propagated.When you are planning to go the IVF route, then in some cases,IVF experts will tell you to follow a certain diet pattern, so that your body can meet out certain deficiencies that they have figured out. It happens in every case, it practically happens before all the major surgeries. However, it cannot be termed as “Surgery borne diet” plan.

Females are taking their prenatal care planning a little more seriously; this is good news by all standards. In most of the cases, it is a kind of makeup that they are doing to cover a self-induced Anorexia or Bulimia like conditions, the idea is quite clear, maintain your lifestyle in a healthy fashion to meet out the third and the most important part of your life when you are planning to conceive a baby and deliver it.

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