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Ovulation Cycle Tracking

Guesstimating Answers about the Ovulation Cycle Can Put a Cloud Over Your Fertile Window!

When do you ovulate? It is a million-dollar question for couples busy in the attempts to make babies. As per the principle, the process of Ovulation is the process when ovaries release a mature egg or an ovum for the purpose of a possible fertilization. Under ideal conditions, this egg fertilizes itself with the help of a sperm and thus the story of a pregnancy starts.

What Is the Difference between a Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Cycle?

For understanding this concept better, we can say that, Ovulation cycle is a part of the menstrual cycle. It means, some days of the menstrual cycle are the days of the ovulation cycle. Your ovulation cycle starts with the release of an ovum when it makes a journey from the ovary to the fallopian tube. Ova wait for sperms inside the fallopian tubes; these days are also known as best days to conceive. If an ovum is fertilized, then the next condition is known as pregnancy. If it does not find a sperm, then after a stipulated time (28 days to 35 days), it releases through the vagina and creates a space for the next ova to come. In the day-to-day parlance, this waiting period is known as an Ovulation cycle. In some cases, many people and experts also refer it as the ovulation period as well.

How to Calculate the Ovulation Period?

Calculation of the ovulation period is very important, because it helps you in deciding the most fertile days of the month for a probable pregnancy. These days can also be termed as the best days to conceive. You might have heard about many methods or the ovulation cycle calculators. Most of them are aimed at figuring out the best times of the ovulation cycle when a female can conceive. When we try to correlate ovulation and pregnancy, we find that, ovulation calculators have a big role to play in it, because correct calculations can increase the percentage of success considerably.

How to Prepare an Ovulation Cycle Chart for Best Results?

The formula is very simple – jot down the first day of your menstruation cycle (suppose it is 1st January), then try to make a note of your menstruation cycle. Ideally, it should last for 28 days. Means, under normal conditions, your menstruation cycle should start on every 28th day. If it started on the first of January, then the next menstrual cycle should start on the 29th of January. If you follow this standard statistics of 28 days, then it is very easy to figure out almost the exact days of your fertile window. Otherwise, the days of your fertile window may fluctuate a bit when you will calculate it. In most of the cases, menstrual cycle may vary from 28 days to 35 days. For a 28-day cycle, it is safe to say that from the 12th to 17th day (means from 12th January to 17th January) are the best days when you can go for the intercourse to make a baby. You can also prepare an ovulation cycle chart on your calendar as well. Mark all the important dates on your regular calendar; currently, we are discussing a case where the fertile window suggests the dates between 12th to 17th January. If we try to figure out the best dates under this window, then up to a great extent, it will be safe to say that 14th to 16th are the best dates for that.

How Can the Ovulation Kits Help a Female in Judging the Best Fertile Days?

The process of ovulation tracking can be done in clinical setups quite effectively. We mentioned about the most fertile days during an ovulation cycle. In most of the cases, the number of these days never increases from 2 to 3 days. Many ovulation kits are available in the market that can give you an idea about these days very effectively. We can never say that the results will be accurate; however, there is a slightly better way to judge things. Most of these kits try to detect the presence of LH or Luteinsing Hormone in the urine. The amount of LH hormone increases and this reflects in a urine test, and if you are using it on a regular basis, then it can give you an idea about your best day. When we see the same thing in a clinical setup, then we find that, they rely more on FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone and LH or Luteinsing Hormone. The presence of both these hormones is very important for a healthy process of ovulation. In most of the clinical setups, they monitor the presence of these hormones in order to check the process of ovulation. If you are planning to take the help of an ovulation kit, then make sure that you are opting for a sensible brand. Study the user manual with great attention. Here, once again we are making it clear that, it can be a great help in the process; however, the accuracy of the results may vary from brand to brand and equipment to equipment. When you are going for ovulation tracking in a clinical setup, you can always expect some accurate results from the process.

What Is the Concept of Ovulation Calculator Online?

We started this compilation on a note where we suggested that guesstimates related to your first day of the menstruation cycle can confuse you. We also suggested you a formula that can help you in tracking the ovulation period. An online ovulation period calculator is a tool that demands some information from your side; your first day of the menstrual cycle and the exact number of days in your menstrual cycle; after this, it automatically counts the fertility window for you. Many such calculators are available; however; the clinical setups can give you the best results. They are the most trustworthy methods to keep a track on your ovulation cycle.

If sex has become a commodity in your hectic life and you are in a race against the time to conceive a baby, then these ovulation period calculators, both online and offline, can help you in detecting the right time or your fertile window where you can have fat chances of conceiving a baby.

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