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Male Fertility Presevation

Fresh v/s Frozen – Which Sperms Are More Successful in IVF and ICSI

Handling male fertility is an easy task; it is an easy task because on the advanced stages of the process in which males participate with the help of a healthy sperm. Processes like artificial insemination have a long and successful history associated with them. Now, with the arrival of latest techniques in the field of sperm freezing, finally, human race has reached onto a frontier where they can actually go for an act that can be termed as fertility preservation. It means that, we can preserve the malefactor of pregnancy coming from the side of a person and preserve it for future uses. The arrival of such techniques is a welcome breakthrough because they have become the handy tools against the impacts of aging on male fertility.

Is Sperm Freezing a Counter Treatment for Cancer Patients?

Advancement in medical science brings in some unforeseen changes. For instance, we have a set of advanced treatments ready for cancer patients. Medical science has this power to diagnose cancer at an early level or say at an early age and it has an adequate set of radiation treatments to manage cancer as well. Some of these treatments show its toll on the reproductive organs of a healthy male; and in some cases, it can cause male infertility. With the help of the sperm freezing process; now, medical science can handle this condition with great ease. It means that, before a person goes out to have cancer treatment, he can store his sperms, and later on, with the help of certain processes, he can try his hands on making babies with the support of processes like IVF and ICSI.

What Is the Social Relevance of Sperm Freezing?

We are living in the era of cord blood banking. The tradition of freezing sperms is catching up in some advanced countries where males are preserving their prime life sperms for future pregnancies. Many people and experts believe that sperm during younger age is an active sperm and younger sperms often minimize the chances of genetic disorders considerably. The clinical validity of this statement may vary, still, there is nothing wrong in storing a sperm if you are delaying the process of baby making because of certain reasons. With the arrival of latest techniques like IVF and ICSI, sperm freezing has become more meaningful and rampant. These processes have created a strong utility for sperms that are stored. It is a kind of treasure that you are securing and later on getting the benefits of this treasure with the help of IVF and ICSI. It happened because the processes of IVF and ICSI can bring in a positive culmination to the process of sperm freezing. It will not be a farfetched statement when we will say that it is an exercise for male fertility preservation that we are talking about here. For instance, we can take the case of people going for a radiation treatment in order to curb various conditions of cancers. This radiation can play very badly on male fertility; if the same person plans a pregnancy in the future course, then things can go worse for him. Sperm preservation is a process that can help him during this condition. All you need is to have a female partner and assisted process will help you in generating your biological child against all odds.

What Is the Process of Sperm Freezing and Sperm Donation?

Sperm freezing is a process where a specimen of the sperm is first collected, and then, in the later run, it is stored in a safe environment for future use. For the process of sperm preservation, it is kept with liquid nitrogen. Generally, a specimen of sperms can be protected for nine to ten years. It means that during this period, sperms from a given specimen can be used for the fertilization purpose. Here they can be used in IVF processes and ICSI treatment. Sperm donation has also become a buzzword in the current society. Let us contribute to the social changes taking place in our society where the number of single mothers is increasing. These single mothers can ideally take the support of sperm donation and IVF solution and give birth to a biological child. In the similar fashion, there are many unfortunate couples with a male factor problem. Sperm donation can help them big time.

How Can Sperm Storage Increase Male Fertility?

Sperm storage cannot directly increase male fertility. When we say that, we are going to take the help of some means that has the power to increase sperm counts and the motility of the sperms, then it is an attempt to increase male fertility. Processes like IVF and others can increase the chances of pregnancy; they can ease out various problems; and however, they do not have an impact over the fertility of the male. Sometimes, many experts also go for surgical processes in order to clear the obstacles in the path of sperms. When we check out the processes related to sperm storage, clubbed together with the processes of ICSI, IVF, and artificial insemination; then here we find that, sperm storage certainly increases the chances of a probable pregnancy manifolds.

What Is Frozen Sperm v/s Fresh Sperm Success Ratio?

According to various studies conducted in different part of worlds, the success ratio of a frozen sperm is in the range of fifty to sixty percent, whereas, when we compare it with fresh sperms, then we find that, the success ratio of fresh sperms falls in the range of 40 to 45 percent. Here we would also like to maintain a few things; the process of sperm freezing is a process where experts are trying to make it fool proof. Under the current theories, before storing a sperm, experts judge the worth of the sperm first hand. Once they are happy with the quality of a sperm, then they move onto the next level. Secondly, the processes that are attached to sperm donation can be considered as sophisticated processes, and this is why, they enjoy more success ratio. We can always make a statement that, with the help of sperm freezing, you can get success in some difficult terrines and move ahead to conquer male infertility.

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