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Male Fertility Predictor

Judge Yourself on the Scale of Male Fertility Predictor before Going for Any Male Infertility Treatment!

Male fertility predictor or male fertility calculator can be considered as a basic tool derived by experts in order to figure out your suitability for a probable future pregnancy. It is a set of FAQs that a patient is required to answer. In the end of the test, you will get a conclusion that how to fit you are. Male fertility Predictor is a survey where the findings suggest the success ratio of male fertility derived from the answers evaluated by an expert.

Does Age Matter?

Age is not just a number! Call it a culture these days, but having a baby is given a lesser priority by many couples during their prime age. Worries of career and struggle for a stable life often takes its own time, and people attain stability and security, but find them in a dilemma, once they pass their prime. It sounds good when a person says that age is just a number. Weigh the same statement under the calculations of a fertility predictor and you will find your standings quite clearly. Age is the first criteria or prominently scoring criteria on the scale of a male fertility predictor. However, this cannot be considered as a primary factor, it is the female factor that matters more. Males contribute in the form of a sperm and sperm check analysis suggests that aging does not pay severe effects on the quality of the sperm much. When we check the same age on a female fertility calculator, then we can find some drastic answers as well. Most of these answers say that, for females, it is a shorter period and they should jump for IVF a little early if things are complicated for them.

What Are the Other Barometers on This Scale of Male Fertility Predictor?

BMI, medical history, and lifestyle! As we have already maintained, males contribute mainly with the help of sperms, and this is why, every factor that can bring negative results in a sperm quality test can be considered as a causative factor. BMI on the higher side is a negative trait in the male fertility predictor. In the similar fashion, medical history can also become a major problem; any surgery in the region of testicles etc can bring in some negative for you in the male fertility predictor.

How Have Things Changed Drastically after the Arrival of IVF and IUI?

Results of a male fertility test can be disheartening for many. Since we are exploring male fertility predictor, it becomes very important that how we should look at certain problems in the given scenario. For instance, sperm motility plays an important role in pregnancy. The lifestyle section of a male fertility predictor suggests that bad and unruly lifestyle choices can cut down your chances of getting pregnant considerably. Now think about the same statement in the world of IVF, where they can easily figure out a single sperm from your reproductive system and use it in the act of fertilization. Sperm-check fertility test can announce the fact that you have low sperm count or low sperm motility; however, IVF says, it is great, you have some sperms! Now this is what makes a difference in the perspective of a person.

While Searching for an Apt Male Fertility Predictor, Please Share Your Reasons?

In general, two types of males search for male fertility predictor. First, we have these people in mid 30’s trying to make a baby with their partner. We also have couples who are in their prime age bracket and just started their stint. Secondly, for those who have passed the age of 35, you should have a different approach towards male fertility predictor; on the slightest of the doubt, you should go for semen analysis, and if something is wrong, then IVF solutions are waiting for you to solve a wide array of problems. Semen analysis is an important fertility predictor. It gives you an idea about the future course of your pregnancy status. It can also support your IVF expert to figure out an apt path for you. However, if you belong to the first group, means you are young enough then it is better that you should first wait for 6 months, because 60 percent of the couples meet with success after six months. Thirty percent of normal couples taste the fun of pregnancy after one year. When they judge the viability of a male on pregnancy predictor, then this sexual behavior or the number of encounters matters a lot for them; it will be better for them to check out the fertile window calculator for their female partners, instead of going for male fertility tests.

Does the Predictor Answer on Rating Scales or Draws Conclusions Instead?

If you think that the predictor fertility is a tool that will give you some scores in the end, then you are wrong; the pregnancy predictor can only give you some conclusions in the end. It is a cumulative measurement of your performance and possibilities.

Again the Same Question – Does Age Matter?

Age again is not a number! Processes like ART or IVF have changed many things; even then, we cannot decline the age factor completely. It is quite relevant when most of the experts start a question and answer session related to the male fertility predictor, then the second question talks about the age of your female partner. In the end of the day, it is the question, which is related to the fertility of a couple. The age of a male is not that important but the age of his female counterpart is very important. Now when we have things like IVF on cards, we can safely say that eighty to ninety percent of male infertility problems can be handled with the help of an IVF procedure.

Are the Tools of Assisted Reproductive Technology Powerful Enough?

Yes! They are very powerful. In fact, they have the power to overcome various types of challenges. When we talk about the limiting factors of IVF and IUI, then we can name ‘age’ here. If we go by the current data available in the market, then we find that, the average age for the couples going for IVF is decreasing and this trend is going to stay here in the market for long.

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