Ivf Success Rate & Complications

Kudos to the advanced developments in science and technology that the infertile couples are not hopeless anymore. Thus have all the treatments available for any kind of infertility issues they have and have the opportunity to have their own child through the advanced IVF procedures.

The infertile couples did not have this luxury of having their own child a few decades back when the only option left with them was child adoption. But today, with so many technological advancements in action, both the opportunity and the availability has flourished and thus, the doors of hope have widened as well.

It is due to the fact that infertility is treatable now, many couples are actually making efforts to visit the infertility experts and take help unlike before when infertility was almost a taboo. The IVF success rate today depicts that lots and lots of couples are taking interest in the same and thus our world is growing faster in providing infertility treatments to the hopeless infertile couples convincingly.

So, what are the statistics that depicts that ivf to be actually successful?

Mostly, the delay in getting treatments or age factor plays crucial roles in reducing the chances of a successful pregnancy. But even though there are some complexities regarding the successful execution of an IVF procedure, there are millions of people who have seen success in the same. If we go by the statistics, almost 40 per cent of women who falls under the age of 35 has more chances of getting pregnant through IVF than those who have crossed this age.

While the first attempts are not always successful in case of complications in the reproductive systems of the female, constant trying can evolve successful results. In most cases, a little care in the part of the individuals undergoing the procedure can help them achieve a successful IVF treatment which includes leading a healthy lifestyle at most!

The different types of IVF treatments available today…

There are several types of IVF treatments available today depending upon your condition. In the case of male infertility, there is the option for availing sperm donors, while in the case of female infertility, the options are more like opt for surrogacy, IVF treatments, etc.

The most common in vitro fertilization techniques include ICSI, IUI, ZIFT, GIFT, test tube baby, artificial insemination, and other such methods which are carried out outside of the parent bodies and the fertilized gametes are transferred into the uterus or fallopian tubes of the females undergoing IVF treatments. Thus the options available are many and you just need to consult the best fertility experts to guide you through the procedures.

But there are complications too!

Even though we cherish the technological advancement in achieving major IVF procedure success rates, the complications related to the process cannot be completely ignored. There are certain issues which arise during the entire IVF treatments mostly in regards to the female reproductive health.

The several IVF risks include, multiple births, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, premature delivery, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, birth defects, egg retrieval procedure complications, stress and anxiety ovarian cancer, etc. apart from all these complications, the chances of repeated failure of the process and thereby going through it multiple times can take a toll at the physical and mental health of the couples associated with the treatment.

But the good news is that complications in IVF pregnancies are not very common and the chances of having successful childbirths are more. But no wonder the physical and mental trauma becomes already unbearable for couples who go through the phase of infertility.

And if they face more such complications in the IVF pregnancies then things can turn worse. Thus, getting help from experienced fertility experts is always recommend for every infertile couple so that the chances of failed attempts of IVF treatments are less and the joy of being parents of their own child increases by leaps and bounds.


Infertility is such a disorder which makes you more mentally upset than what you feel physically! It may be one weakness of your reproductive systems but the inability to give birth to a child takes on the mental health of both the couples and their immediate families as well.

But thanks to the developed medical treatments today infertile couples have found hope in IVF and other such treatments which do not only help in curing their problem but also helps them in their journey of having their own child without the biological process.

The various in vitro fertilization options available today are proof that medical science is advancing in a better direction and there is more to come. Thus if you are also suffering from infertility or someone you know is going through such phase, do not hesitate to take immediate help from the fertility experts and get the possible treatments without much delay.

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