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International Patients

We are one of the leading fertility specialist centers in India. With several branches across the country, our services are now available internationally as well. Our vast network of facilities has enabled us to include many renowned specialists in the field of fertility from around the world into our fold. Our doctors, nurses, scientists and support staff work together with our fertility specialists to provide you customized solutions that help realize your parenthood dreams.

International patients

Over the years, we have had many international patients consulting us for fertility treatment. In fact, we’ve established a separate international patient services department that provides all essential services to our international clients. The department enables clients to benefit from our services with the least amount of travel and effort.

Our complete fertility care plan includes expert advice, couples counselling, fertility investigations and fertility treatment. Accommodation, international and local travel, visa arrangements can also be made upon the client’s request. Right from the booking to the pregnancy, we take care of everything with clockwork efficiency.

The general plan for an international client choosing our services is looks like this.

Step 1. Contact with fertility center

You are directed to an International Patient Services Coordinator who briefs you about the available facilities, approximate costs, and other details you may wish to know. The coordinator also arranges a web meeting with a resident fertility specialist at your convenience.

Step 2. Web meeting with IVF specialist

Your initial consultation with our fertility specialists can be done over the internet via a Skype interview. The consultant discusses your case and collects all necessary information. He also orders certain tests to be performed locally. Alternatively, the tests can also be carried out at one of our partner laboratories that are present worldwide. You also receive preliminary advice regarding the treatment options available to you.

Step 3. Confirmation of fertility treatment plan 

After reviewing the investigations, the fertility specialist presents you with a detailed management plan that includes approximate costing and a rough timeframe for the treatment. Additionally, the potential benefits and risks are also explained in detail. Upon consideration, and if you are agreeable to the treatment plan, a booking is made.

Step 4. Travel arrangements

You need a medical visa in order to be eligible for treatment. The International Patient Services Coordinator assists you with the medical visa process and handles all documentation formalities from the hospital’s end. Accommodations and internal travel arrangements are also handled by our coordinator upon your request.

Step 5. Initiation of treatment

The fertility treatment first starts at home about five weeks before you arrive at our center. Our IVF specialist provides all necessary support including prescriptions for any drug treatment that might be needed. Our prescriptions are accepted worldwide.

Step 6. Finalize your treatment

The final phase of the treatment is done in our fertility center. In procedures such as IVF-ICSI, the collection, fertilization & implantation is done within our premises.

On average, a stay of about two weeks is sufficient to complete your treatment at our facility and if you have initiated the treatment right from your home. You may opt to stay as a hospital patient or live in an apartment near the hospital.

Our fertility staff constantly monitors your health during the entire process.

Step 7. Ongoing care at home

Once you are ready to return home after completing the treatment, we continue monitoring your progress from our facility. You are requested to furnish some bloodwork reports periodically to ensure your health is at an optimum level.

We provide a full medical record of your treatment and coordinate with your local physician with regard to your health management.

About two weeks after returning, you are requested to take a pregnancy test in order to ensure a pregnancy has been established.

If a pregnancy is not established, you may consult your specialist about the future course of treatment.

Treatment cost for an international patient

The treatment cost for international patients varies as per the country they arrive from. While the cost of the actual medical procedure remains the same for patients of all nationalities, the difference in total treatment cost is due to differences in costs related to visa, air travel & local treatment. There could also be additions in the form of legal expenses depending upon your country’s local legal system.

Some local insurance companies may cover fertility treatment; therefore, it is best to first check with your insurer about the company policy on fertility treatment.


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