How to Maximize Your IVF Treatment Chances

The availability of reliable data is crucial for families and women who are hoping to start a family or conceive with the help of IVF treatment. If you wish to optimize your success rate with IVF, you need to adhere to certain protocols. This article aims to present viable info that can help you to conceive successfully with the help of IVF.

Maintaining a healthy body weight

One of the most important factors related to fertility and IVF is your body weight. People who are having a BMI of over 35 or fewer than 19 take a longer time to conceive that casts a negative effect on IVF success rates.  Overweight females face several difficulties in monitoring ovaries during IVF and increase complications when it comes to egg retrievals. Hence, it becomes imperative to implement dietary changes and seek professional help.  If you can consult a dietician or enrol in a cardiac, metabolic weight loss program then accomplishing the goals, become easy.

Improving Sperm Health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight, make sure to have your daily dose of multivitamins. Experts believe that the use of boxers over briefs improves sperm quality. Appropriate care is necessary as you start having medications for boosting sperm count in men as well as sperm health. The key is to identify any kind of abnormality in semen and so if you are a man you need to consult a male fertility specialist.

A good fertility clinic is a must

The best IVF center in Thane can help you to get in touch with an excellent reproductive endocrinologist. You can be sure that the fertility expert who will be monitoring you will make sure that you are comfortable and connected.  While you are having treatment, your doctor will always be there to help you.  If you are searching for a reliable IVF treatment center feel free to discuss it with your relatives and friends.  They can help you out to find an experienced physician who can help you feel comfortable. You must take the initiative in this process.

While checking out online reviews about a fertility expert or IVF treatment center you need to be on the guard. Often selected patients who had an extreme experience in either way and, may not suffice your cause complete them.  If you wish to find an excellent embryology laboratory then you need to check out a long history of exceptional outcomes.

Reduce your stress

Natural or IVF assisted conception has close relation with stress.  Hence, it is important to reduce stress-related issues while you are undergoing an IVF cycle.  Although easier said than done you can also take the help of a clinical physiologist and psychiatrist for that matter.  There are several reports, which suggest positive pregnancy outcomes with acupuncture and other techniques that reduce stress.  You can consider enrolling in a mind-body program for reducing stress and attend workshops for resilience training.

Quit Smoking

If you can quit smoking it will quickly improve, the chances of success with IVF as it both improve the quality of egg in women and sperm in men.  It is always advised to seek professional help for the matter.  You need to understand that it is not easy to give up smoking. It requires a lot of determination. Nowadays there are structural programs and pharmacological assistance available to ensure success when it comes to quitting smoking habits.

Dietary Supplements

It is clinically recommended that women undergoing IVF treatment should have a daily dose of dietary supplements including COQ10 and DHEA. It helps to improve the quantity and quality of eggs.  Feel free to discuss it with your doctor and see if he or she recommends it to you.   Consuming multivitamins also helps a lot.

Make sure to have adequate levels of vitamin D

In contemporary times, there is a significant deficiency of vitamin D among the general populace.  Consequently, it does not help in any way the fertility of men and women.  If you are undergoing IVF treatment, then being deficient in vitamin D is a strict no.  Vitamin D deficiency often leads to other problems related to bone health and sperm quality.  Feel free to ask your doctor for a vitamin D check and consider the consumption of vitamin D supplements.

Stay focused and be persistent

Several patients may need more than one IVF cycle to conceive successfully. The result of the IVF cycle also varies from one to another.  Do not be despondent if you do not get desired results from the first cycle. Have faith in your doctor. He or she will adjust your medications to optimize the chances of IVF success.  Remember when you abide by all the protocols as directed by your physician it is just a matter of time for you to conceive successfully.

Final Thoughts

You need to remember that the outcome of the IVF treatment is not under your control. At times, letting go can help you a lot. Take care of yourself and do not feel guilty when things are not going well.

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