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First Appointment

First Appointment with the Fertility Specialist!

Having a child of your own is everyone’s dream! Every woman has a desire to achieve motherhood. No other feeling can accomplish the joy of becoming a parent! But it becomes very depressing for some couples who cannot conceive naturally and so cannot become parents. Due to hectic and busy life, people don’t get time to care for themselves, which leads to some or the other defects in the body. These defects cause the fertility problems in men as well as women. Statistics say that out of 8 couples, one is infertile. But nowadays, the biological science has made advance inventions and researches in the field of fertility. The problems of fertility can be only solved when they are treated properly. The cause of the problem can be anything which can be only determined after check-up and accordingly the treatment is given. Many fertility clinics are available, which provide the best treatment on the basis of the problems. Some of the couples try homemade remedies in order to solve the problems, but it is advisable to have the treatment of fertility first before it becomes too late.

What Are The Things to Know at Your Fertility Consultation?

Many fertility clinics have increased the hope and expectation of couples, who are unable to conceive a baby. After waiting for the longest time, couples want immediate results from the doctors. But the best thing to do at that time is to have patience. Depending upon the cause of the problems related to fertility first, they will provide necessary guidance. Below are the things to be kept in mind at fertility consultation.

Do You Have Signs of Ovulation?

At the very first visit, your consultant will want to know that, do you have any signs of ovulation. It is the first step of pregnancy! The BBT chart will help you know about your ovulation before visiting the doctor. It will also save your time and will keep you ahead of the treatment.

What Are the Risks Related to Fertility Drugs?

Every good thing comes with some or other side effects and so is the case over here. If you want to go for any fertility treatment, then you first need to know certain risks related to it like risky pregnancy, multiple pregnancies and pregnancy with risk on mother as well as the baby.

What Is the Basic Information You Need to Know about Fertility Treatment?

If you are planning to have the first visit to any fertility specialist, then you should have the basic information about the types of fertility treatments. There are many different fertility treatments like IVF, artificial insemination, IUI and many more.

What is the Basic test of Fertility?

Once you have decided to consult a doctor, you first need to know the basic reason for infertility, which can be known easily by conducting a fertility test for men as well as women. By knowing the result of the test in advance will help you start the treatment immediately.

When to Visit a Fertility Specialist?

If you are trying to have babies from the last more than one year without using any birth control remedies and are not getting successful, then it is advisable to visit a fertility specialist as soon as possible. If the age of the couple has crossed 35 then further delay can cause huge problems in getting pregnant.

What to Expect at the First Fertility Appointment?

Many couples are in a dilemma while visiting a fertility doctor; they have questions like – how to communicate with the doctors, what to expect at first fertility appointment and many more. So here are the answers to your questions. While visiting the doctor, don’t shy away from discussing your problems. The more freely you will be able to discuss, the more comfortable you will be. Keep your expectations as low as possible. The more you expect, the more disheartened you will become, if it doesn’t work. At the first fertility appointment, the doctor will conduct some tests, and accordingly, you will be given your initial medication. The doctors will also discuss with you the treatment procedure and risk related to it.

What Are the Points to Be Taken into Consideration before Your First IVF Appointment?

Before taking any step related to the IVF treatment below are some points to be taken into consideration while taking decision.

Are You Having Knowledge of IVF?

Before visiting an IVF doctor, some basic questions like – what is IVF and how it is performed should be known to you. IVF is In Vitro Fertilization, which mixes the egg of the woman with the sperm of the male in the laboratory. It is performed in 4 steps which will be further discussed by your specialist.

What Is the Success Rate of IVF?

The success rate of IVF varies, depending upon the cause of the problem. For a normal person with the age below 35 years, the success rate is around 35-40%. But with the complication due to age above 35, the success rate usually varies from 20-35%. But these are just numerical figures collected from the survey. So the success of the treatment usually depends upon the health of the women.

What Is the Expense of the IVF Treatment?

All across the world, the cost of IVF treatments may vary depending upon the treatment and the clinics. So, it is advisable to have detailed information regarding the treatment expense and different centres, which provide treatment at a much lower rate.

What Would Be the Course of Action of the doctor at Your First Appointment?

During the first IVF appointment, the specialist will see the previous medical reports and your medical history before doing any further examination and treatment. The specialist will review the reports and accordingly provide you with the guidelines related to the treatment further. They will also conduct the required tests and will provide you some primary advice and treatment option before going further with the treatment. When you meet the specialist, discuss the queries you have regarding the treatment, and also have detailed knowledge about the treatment procedure before signing the consent form. Also discuss about the risks related to the medicines you are taking side-by-side with the treatment.

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