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Fertility Seminars

Subfertility seminars are special programs conducted by institutions that are involved in IVF research and services. IVF seminars provide information about IVF to prospective couples who wish to explore all options available for conceiving a child of their own.

Reasons for attending a fertility seminar

  • Conducted by experts in the field.
  • Subfertility is explained in simple terms.
  • Causes for subfertility are explained in detail.
  • Different methods of subfertility treatment are introduced.
  • Conducted free of charge.
  • Information provided is factual and accurate.
  • Reader-friendly literature is made available for further information.
  • Opportunity to personally interact with fertility specialists.
  • Formation of a support group with other couples suffering similar problems.

Resource persons at a fertility seminar

IVF seminars are conducted by consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists, fertility specialists, and scientists who are involved in fertility R&D. The seminars involve psychologists, fertility nurses, legal experts and counsellors as resource persons.

General topics discussed at a fertility seminar

  • Factors affecting fertility – There are many environmental and physical factors that affect fertility. Most of them are very subtle and cause incremental reductions in fertility.
  • Reasons for subfertility – Subfertility can either be a primary problem or secondary to some other disease/condition. It’s further categorized into female and male subfertility.
  • Fertility treatment programs.
  • The latest advancements in IVF technology.
  • What to expect – It’s important to understand what our aim is with this therapy in order to make sure an informed decision is always made.

Personalized service

If the intended parents ask for a personal meeting with the fertility experts, it can be accommodated. This enables them to benefit from a more personalized approach to their fertility problems. Furthermore, any specific areas of interest they may be curious about can be discussed in greater detail.

Seminar content

The main aim of fertility seminars is to keep intended parents updated on the latest developments in the field of IVF and other fertility treatments. Therefore, the seminar content is updated regularly. Subscribing to our emailing facility allows us to keep you updated on the latest seminars being conducted so that you may attend one as per your convenience.

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