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Path To Pregnancy

Add Six Steps into Your Fun Cycle and Feel the Bliss of Fertility…

Sex undoubtedly is fun; however, making healthy babies as an outcome of this pleasure activity is a blessing of God. In spite of all the advancements of science, the birth of a baby is still considered an act of God. Everyone is longing for this blessing from God. It is a blessing that makes us complete. It is a blessing that brings in a kind of fulfillment in the life of a couple.  After a certain age group, every couple feels like having a kid. It is perfectly normal. The first question that comes into the mind of a couple at this point is related to the Ovulation calculator. This calculator answers the million-dollar question related to the right timings of sex. In principle, ovulation calculator counts the most productive days of your month and derives a fertility window for you. For the general calculations, we can understand it with the help of a simple formula. Here they calculate it from the first day of your last period and calculate it with another variable, which is the total days of

Of menstrual cycle, remember these days can vary from female to female, in some cases it can last for 22 days whereas in some cases it can cross the barrier of 30 days. Once they are clear with variable entries then in normal cases they give you two sets of the day, for instance, 12th day from the starting of your last period can mark the beginning of fertility window and 14th, 14th and 16th day can be the most fertile days. You can visit many websites and go for online calculations to decipher your fertility window quite effectively. This way we can say that finding the right timings for having sex for a successful pregnancy is not that difficult. Things take an ugly turn when a couple discovers that something somewhere is wrong with ovulation symptoms. This is the primary concern that crosses the mind of the couple.

If First Six Months Are Not Fruitful Then It Is Time to Follow Six Steps during the Next Six Months

What should be the trial period for a couple? If we go by the opinion of Dr. Malagaonkars in this issue then medically speaking sixty to eighty percent couples conceives a baby during the tenure of first six months of their attempts. It means that if you are well aware of your fertility calendar and consuming all those days judiciously then first six months should fetch some positive results for you, females may witness some biological changes,  false pregnancy symptoms may strike you, you can register a delay in your menstruation cycle. All fine, but you are not conceiving a baby, it is a clear indication that you might need the help of fertility doctors in coming future. If you follow a fertility insight program during this period of time then it can certainly speed up the proceedings for you in two ways, first, it can help you in attaining the goal of overcoming fertility problems without any external support. Here we are referring to assistance that can be termed as fertility help. Secondly, the same six steps can prepare your body well and cut down the efforts of fertility specialists.

What Are the Six Steps for the Second Phase of Conceiving Exercise?

Step one starts when you develop an understanding of your fertile window calculator. It is an easy task, there are certain tricks and methods involved in it, and here we are referring to the days of the month when a fully developed female ovum is waiting for the sperms to come. The concept of a fertile window is applicable on the male counterparts as well. They can go for a sabbatical for the time being and come back with full force to conquer. To make it more precise we can create mnemonics for it, Count it as ovulation and fertility, females are accountable for both the terms and males are accountable for the fertility part.

Focus on Your Lifestyle to Enrich the Fertility Part

The second step of any fertility insight program depends on upon your lifestyle choices, here a couple can go for minor ramifications, for instance, women can avoid tight clothes and high heels, males can say no to alcohol and nicotine. Both male and female can go out for balanced diet schedules etc. You can consolidate your efforts of the second step by consulting experts on the internet. It is an entry level consulting that you can avail free on the website where you are reading this page. This consultancy is the third step of fertility insight program.

You Can Also Go for Some Basic Level Fertility Testing As Well

Remember, we are talking about the second phase of attempts, first, six months are the first phase, if you are not conceiving in first six months then it is an indication that now you have already reached amongst 20 percent of couples who need some special treatments or extra efforts in order to get pregnant. This is the time when you can meet an expert, they can check out female anatomy related problems or the problems in your sexual behavior etc.

Clear All the Tangents in the Fourth and Fifth Step

You will be surprised to know that common problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can also play a major role in the act, they can also be a reason that a couple is not able to conceive. Counseling holds the key here, an open dialogue between the couple and the expert holds the key here. Once you cross this step then it is like the completion of a cycle, after completing this cycle, you can move on to the next and final frontier of this six-step program, which is also known as “personalized pregnancy plan.”

What Is the Correct Timing to Go for an Ovulation Test?

An ovulation test is a test where the study various aspects related to the process of ovulation, they check out the frequency, they check the health of the ova etc. There are two approaches to conducting this test; many experts believe that it should be done as the first step because if there is something wrong with the ovulation process then rest of the exercise is a waste of time. Some traditional experts, on the other hand, go with the symptomatic approach for treating infertility, here they figure out that whether it can be termed as infertility at its first place or a couple is not able to conceive due to some physical or psychological reasons.

Ovulation Test Is the First Benchmark to Judge the Severity

In both the cases, ovulation test is the first benchmark that decides the severity of the problem in the case of females. If ovulation is fine then it means that ova can be fertilized by other means. Treatments like can make an entry into the game during the advanced stages. If there is something wrong with the ovulation cycle and pregnancy then, in this case, a barrage of treatments based upon the exact nature of the problem can be implemented on a female.

During your search for an ideal pregnancy predictor, never forget that with the arrival of advanced measures like IVF now 90 percent of couples can get pregnant. IVF can be considered as a destination for some couples. Follow this six-step program, if IVF is your destination then this program will cut down your race considerably and help you in a race up against the time where you are racing against the natural clock of fertility.

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