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Fertile Window Calculator

The female reproductive cycle is an intricately controlled sequence of ovulation and implantation, pregnancy or menstruation. All of these functions are set in motion by the female reproductive hormones FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone).

The menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle consists of three phases; the proliferative phase or the phase where the uterine cavity becomes ready for pregnancy, the secretory phase where ovulation occurs and the menstruation phase which occurs if the egg is not fertilized. If the egg becomes fertilized and implanted in the uterine cavity, the menstrual phase does not occur and the pregnancy is carried forward.

Ovulation occurs roughly around the 14th day of the cycle in a regular menstrual cycle. The egg is an extremely delicate structure and survives for only around 24 hours without fertilization.

Recognizing the fertile days

The easiest way to know the fertile days for sure is by maintaining an ovulation calendar. The calendar helps you predict the fertile window and the best time to become pregnant.  The days leading up to and 24 hours after ovulation are known as the fertile period.

Fertile days calculator

The fertile window is calculated using an ovulation calendar or a fertile window calculator. Many fertility websites offer fertile window calculators free of charge on the internet. With the advent of smartphones, there are specific apps developed to help couples calculate the exact window and the best time to get pregnant.

Using fertile days calculator and fertility calendar to get pregnant

A woman generally knows the length of her average menstrual cycle. If she has regular cycles which are generally of the same length every month, it’s easy to calculate the fertile window using the conception calculator. This is calculated from the 1st day of bleeding in the previous period to the 1st day of bleeding in the next period. Now subtracting 14 from that time window gives you the exact day of ovulation. Timed unprotected sexual intercourse within the calculated fertile window offers the best chances of conceiving.

Irregular periods

If periods are irregular, this calculation method becomes difficult to use. The best method to track the fertile window is by using urine ovulation trackers which measure the level of LH (luteinizing hormone) present in the urine. In this case, maintaining a chart of urine LH assists in determining the fertile window by noting an increase in levels of LH in the urine. Highest levels of the hormones indicate the best time to get pregnant.

Difficulty in conceiving even with after using fertility day calculator

A trial period of at least one year is necessary for the fertility days calculator. If despite their best efforts, a couple fails to become pregnant, it’s best to seek professional advice as subfertility can be due to other causes.

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