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Female Fertility

Often we hear about female infertility rather than female fertility! People are used to comparing females with infertility issues rather than associating males with the same and hence when we hear the term infertility we assume it is the female who has issues with her reproductive system and cannot deliver a biological child in the natural process.

While almost all of us know and acknowledge what exact female infertility is, let us task about female fertility in this write-up. So the general assumption of what female fertility is and what are the things associated with it is briefly described below to let you understand about the same. Have a look

What is female fertility?

This term is very simple to understand. Female fertility means referring to a female who does not have any abnormality in her reproductive system and is able to give birth to a child biologically without the help of any external resources.

This clearly states the fact that when a woman is able to release her own gametes from her ovaries and the eggs are then fertilized by the male sperms to produce the zygote which further grows inside her womb for nine months and then gets delivered into the world biologically, then the woman is fully fertile. This condition in a woman is the actual definition of female fertility.

What causes female fertility problems?

Generally, the female fertility problems arise due to a disturbance in the reproductive system of the females which draws them towards infertility. Although at times the reason behind a female being infertile remains unknown, in most cases it is well diagnosed by the fertility experts who do their treatments!

The most common reasons of female fertility problems include clinical conditions like infections in the ovary, vagina or other reproductive organs of the females, birth defects, genetic problems, hormonal defects, inability to produce gametes, small uterus size, etc. Whenever you face any issues with your pregnancy after trying unprotected sex for over a year, you must visit an infertility specialist as soon as possible.

What can I do to promote female fertility?

The most basic thing that people can do to promote female fertility is to advise females to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s often seen that even though females are born fertile and attains their adult age in a normal fertile condition, it is their unhealthy lifestyle habits that affect their fertility way too much.

For example, consumption of too much of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes proves to be very harmful to female fertility. Likewise, taking too much stress, gaining a lot of weight, having sleeping disorders, eating unhealthily and other such lifestyle conditions can reduce female fertility to a greater extent.

So, practising a healthy lifestyle is the best way to promote female fertility. Also, the age factor plays an important role in female fertility issues. So, it is advisable to females that they plan their child within the age of 20-35- the best phase to attain pregnancy followed by childbirth.

How is female infertility diagnosed?

Before the female infertility is diagnosed or tested medically, one must understand when they are facing infertility issues by observing eh time period of their unprotected sex.

When you are having unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner for over a year and still being unsuccessful in achieving a successful pregnancy, then you must well understand that there is some problem with either of our reproductive system.

While there are some diagnosis and test for males that prove their fertility, for females these tests include HSG test, ovulation testing, hormone testing Hysterosalpingography, imaging testing, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, ovarian reserve testing, hormone testing, etc.

How is female infertility treated?

There are several methods to treat female infertility and the most common ones include treating the ovary with fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation in cases where the females cannot produce the gametes.

Apart from this, there are certain hormonal drugs and injections which can be administered to them for treating the infertility issues. There are surgical treatments too, in case you need one for treating the infertile conditions. And when all kinds of infertility treatment fail, the option of choosing IVF still remains!

There are various in vitro fertilization treatments available for females which not only help them conceive but also improves their fertility and thus they get an opportunity to have their own child through these IVF procedures.

In a nutshell

So, when we talk about female fertility, it means the complete reproductive health conditions of a female when she is able to give birth to a child biologically without the support of any external factors both in terms of medicines and IVF processes.

Likewise, when we talk about an infertile female, she needs the support of infertility treatments and IVF processes to have a child of her own. Thus, it is very important for females to understand the basic difference of both these conditions and act accordingly!

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