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Couples Assessment

One in Six couples around the world suffers from some form of subfertility. Yet most couples are not aware that they are in the midst of this problem as subfertility is a rarely discussed topic amongst partners. Delay in seeking treatment for subfertility is mainly due to poor education about infertility and the social stigma associated with it.

Why couples counseling?

Family counseling helps to intend parents better understand the subfertility problems they face.  In couples counseling, an expert introduces you to the topic of subfertility, the science and myths surrounding it and the treatments available for specific subfertility issues. Further, you are provided with a detailed interview and literature on the available methods of treating infertility. The information pamphlets are easy to understand and devoid of any medical jargon.

Who conducts these counseling sessions?

All couples counseling sessions are conducted by professionals with multiple years of experience in the field of fertility treatment and IVF. They are all licensed medical practitioners who have trained both locally and internationally to provide you with the best possible options and services to make your family complete. You can be assured that your needs are placed in the safest of hands and that your dreams become a reality.

How are the counseling sessions conducted?

Couples counseling sessions are conducted in a completely confidential setting, which ensures complete privacy for the couple. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. The couple is interviewed together by a specialist. Their fertility wishes and aspirations are all discussed in detail and a comprehensive record is taken. Then relevant investigations are performed so that the specialists may get a better understanding of the problem at hand and begin work on a feasible solution.


The details we collect are purely to maintain your medical records and to identify your specific needs so that we may offer you better service and a customized treatment plan catering to your specific needs. None of the information we collect is given to any outside party for research demography or reference unless the client themselves specifically requests us to do so. Your privacy is extremely important to us. The information gathered is computerized and stored with maximum digital security to ensure safety.

What are the benefits of going for couple’s assessment and counseling?

  • Receive proper understanding as to why subfertility occurs.
  • Understand the science and myths surrounding infertility.
  • Psychological therapy and counseling to keep your mind at ease.
  • Ability to discuss your fertility wishes in a setting devoid of stigma.
  • Total confidentiality.
  • Professional staff with experience in dealing with couples having subfertility issues.
  • Accurate diagnosis of the cause of subfertility using advanced testing.
  • Proper guidance on the treatments available.
  • Regular follow up.

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