Coronavirus pandemic: Delivering healthy babies through IVF amid COVID-19

Becoming a mother is the greatest gift a woman can have. Are you planning to undergo IVF treatment but are a little worried because of the current COVID-19 situation? It’s quite natural if you are getting such feelings. This virus has affected the lives of all the single individual in the world and has given a major blow to the healthcare sector. The article is all about planning a pregnancy in the current situation and how you can keep yourself safe from this virus.

There are several myths around regarding Coronavirus, and if you have opted or planning for IVF treatment, then you should not misguide your mind with such information. Many couples who are opting for IVF are in dilemma now, as many IVF centers are either closed or postponed their services because of this pandemic. There are patients who are done with embryo implantation and oocyte retrieval and not sure how their further visits can be safe.

Almost 1 out of 8 women opt for fertility treatment, and this sudden virus has left them in a stressful situation. If you are among them, don’t panic. Read further to know the effect of this virus on the fetus, and is it safe to have frequent visits to the clinic.

Don’t Worry

Being new to humankind, the adverse effect of this virus on pregnancy and the growing fetus is not much known. But as per the data available, this virus never leads to miscarriage, premature birth, or abnormalities in babies. This aspect is same for both natural and IVF pregnancy.

Who can opt for fertility treatment

As per the present guidelines, any couple who wants to have a baby can go with IVF treatment even in this pandemic situation. Make sure that you are not COVID-9 positive at the time of treatment. Parents who are infected with Coronavirus should not go for fertility treatment until they are completely recovered from it. Couples completely recovered from this virus develops immunity against it and can go ahead with fertility treatment like any other parents.

Even in this pandemic, couples need to follow the same general guidelines regarding the health as it was before COVID-19. It is suggested that couples should also take care of their immunity and consume immunity-booster foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc.

No impact on the fetus

In the early stage of COVID-19, doctors were not aware of its impact on the fetus, and hence most of the time, they advised their patients to postpone the baby’s birth. But now, the situation is different. Some women became pregnant naturally during this pandemic and revealed that there is no impact on the fetus, and one can conceive safety during this period.

The anxiety of catching this disease during pregnancy may indeed create fear among couples. But following the guidelines like washing hands-on regular basis, social distancing, and avoiding outside food can keep you safe from the virus.

Clinics are maintaining the cleanliness.

Well! Usually, clinics and hospitals are always clean, but these places are especially taking care of basic hygiene during this pandemic. Also, some hospitals are providing online consultation to patients to avoid their visit. Most of the time, only patients are allowed inside the clinic and not their relatives. Thus, hospitals are trying to keep minimum headcount at a time for the minimum possibility of catching this virus.

Clinics have modified their services as per the framework to meet the current situation demands and treat the patients in a safe environment. However, patients are also advised to wear a mask and maintain distance with other patients in the clinic for avoiding COVID-19.

It’s better to test

Before opting for IVF, a patient can do the COVID-19 test, as prevention is always better than cure. The test will reveal whether you are corona positive or not, and this will increase your confidence. In case, any patient tested positive, she will be advised to remain in isolation as per the government rule and go ahead with the treatment once she has tested negative and develops the desired immunity.

Final Thoughts

As per virologists, the virus is going to stay in the world for some more time. Women who are in their late thirties and are struggling to become pregnant should opt for IVF even during this pandemic. Hence, they can continue their fertility treatment as postponing their childbirth plan can minimize the chances of becoming pregnant.

The whole situation is quite overwhelming, but you should not lose hope and continue with the IVF treatment. In case of any doubt about the treatment, you can always consult your doctor through video conferencing and know about all the possibilities and opportunities.

Hope, this article has boosted up positive thoughts in your mind regarding IVF treatment in COVID-19.

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