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Conceive Naturally

The Complete Factsheet for Successful IVF in India

“We are pregnant;” most of the couples say this with a doting face. This simple slice of real life can become a slice of hardship for many couples if they are not well prepared for that pregnancy. Actually, speaking about the people who are living in metropolitan cities is like having sex randomly yet they are compromising on their sex lives. They are following some erratic patterns of having sex. The act of conceiving a baby cannot be considered as the act of pouring out a cup of instant coffee from a coffee vending machine, it is much more than that; its journey starts with regular course of intercourse between two persons.How to increase chances of getting pregnant is a question haunting many young couples in the current age of sedentary lives.

IVF is the Last Station of This Journey

IVF or In VitroFertilization has emerged as a boon for many disheartened couples who face trouble getting pregnant allacross the world. It is the last hope for most of the couples; and it is thus;the beginning of a new journey for them. Here we are assembling this fact sheet for you that have the power to give you an insight about IVF treatments and its periphery by & large.

We Are Living in the Era of Prenatal Care

Let us accept the fact as it is; our current lifestyle is making us less fertile and this fact is applicable equally to both, the males as well as the females. Previous generations were seeking for aphrodisiacs; they were having sex more frequently. They were not rich in the terms of the number of partners yet they were bubbling with the desire. However, the current generation has plenty of opportunities; changing partners is also not a taboo anymore; however see the swing of the tide, now experts tell you the ways to increase fertilityandare even suggesting some kind of fertility diettoincrease chances of getting pregnant for those seeking a baby and failing in the attempts.

Sexiness and Fertility Are Two Different Things

Having a zero figure is a great thing to attract the attention of any of your male counterparts for sexual contacts, but the same zero figures might not be that good for pregnancy in many ways, as it can bring in many types of ill-effects owing to malnutrition in your system. This same principle is applicable to protein shakes and other things as well. However, males are not far behind; they are also saying “no” to alcohol and other harmful substances because they do not want to jump into the bed with weaker sperms.

Ideal Weather Conditions and Health Are Two Requisites for Better Progeny

How to increase chances of getting pregnant? It has become a million-dollar question now and many have already weaved an industry around it. IVF holds the final answer of this question and other answers have their own share of misses and hits attached to them. This same thing is also applicable to the question that says when to conceive? It is very unfortunate, but the average age of conceiving the first child is increasing with the passage of time. The same thing is applicable on the complications as well. If you are searching for ways to increase your fertility, never forget that in the case of females, age can be considered as the causative factor, because they have a limited menstruation period conducting the show for them. Initiate it at the correct age and increase chances of getting pregnant.

Symptoms of PregnancyWill Tell You When to Go for Advanced Treatments

Deciphering the symptoms of pregnancy is not an easy task;it takes three to six months when a woman actually gets pregnant. In some cases, this time period may rise up to one year and even more. Ideally, a couple should move on to the next level of diagnosis, once it fails during the first year of pregnancy.

Few Pregnancy Tips Can Help You Win the Game

Once you moved onto the advanced stage of this treatment, then the tips to conceive is the second frontier that can help you. For instance, they can tell you about the most productive days of your fertility cycle, and they can also tell you how to ease out your sexual positions and other fundamental errors that may occur during the course of sex for getting pregnant. Here we would like to mention one more word, and this word is the “pregnancy calculator.”A pregnancy calculator has two meanings attached to it, the first meaning says that you can always count the days of pregnancy or the EDD of the child, and the second calculator works for the counting of the most fertile days When you search out for this word on the Internet, then make sure that you are searching it out for the right purpose.

It Is a Period of Trial and Errors at All Levels

With an ultimate goal to getting pregnant, couples often follow the instructions of the experts blindly. Sometimes this works, while sometimes this might not work! But, there is simply no need to get worried about it. When a couple is trying to conceive, then this process is taking place on two levels. First level is the level where the couple is doing it on an external level like the males are trying to produce thicksemen and women are attaching their pelvic to thrust for a longer time. While they are doing all this battle between the shell of the ova and the semen, ova is learning to handle the semen and the semen is trying hard to penetrate ova. This is indeed a magical process, and apart from IVF, human beings have no control over this process whatsoever. Even with IVF, processing it is an act of God; these are the best words to put it down.

Age Does Matter! The Best Time to Conceive!

What is the right time to go for an IVF treatment is the big question! The answer to this question is inversely proportional to the age of the couple. More the age, faster they are required to go for the process. How to get pregnant faster is a question that loses its validity once a woman reaches close to the age group of 40, as it is the time for menopause, and once it happens, things will go out of the hands of IVF as well. 25-30 is still the best age for pregnancy. This is why; if you have crossed the age of 30, then rushing up things with the help of other methods, other than IVF, can waste your time further and spoil your chances of getting pregnant.

Understand the Milestones

How to conceive with the help of IVF is a question that tops the list for most of the IVF aspirants. In the views of eminent IVF expert, Dr Malagaonkar, the method is quite simple; here the sperm is separated from the specimen of semen; then, Ova is removed from the female partner, and then they are inseminated externally. Just remember, the time when you were getting tips for getting pregnant; it was the time when the experts were not clear about the key result areas. Mostly, we feel that IVF is a procedure that is meant for female fertility only. However, IVF is equally useful for the male counterparts as well. Suppose a male is lacking a sperm count to an alarming level, then again, IVF can act like a useful procedure here. Coming out with a healthy sperm and make it react with ova is the part of IVF procedure.

Right Age, Else the Rage!

At the turn of this century, things were fine; the average age for conceiving a child was 25, which can be considered as the hay time for the couples seeking pregnancy. Twenties is still the best time to conceive and there is no denial to this fact. If you want to have a normal process, then this is a simple formula. However, if somehow you have missed the train and now you want to conceive with the help of therapy or other methods, then again, thirties is the ideal time. If you are failing in every other procedure and already reached the crossroads of mid 30’s, then this is high time that you should opt for a procedure like IVF, else it will be too late a call for you.

IVF Is the End of the Road So Far

When you search for the artificial ways to get pregnant, then IVF is the last frontier; this is like a ‘cul de sac!’ If IVF is not working on you, then it is a probability that no other cure is going to work on you. No matter how complicated your case is, IVF presents a streamlined solution to every problem. Nowadays, many style leaders of our society, celebrities, and other rich people are also planning babies with the help of IVF; it has become a lifestyle solution for them.

Giving birth to a baby and attaining motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman. Looking at his pedigree flourishing his name after his death is a dream for every man. As a couple, if you have lost all the hopes, then IVF can be your solution! It is an answer to many complications, because it is an artificial method and fails rarely. If everything is normal with the sperm and Ova, it has the power to clear out all the other obstacles. Conceiving a baby is purely an act of God. IVF has emerged as a promising means to dispense the kindness of God to humanity.

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