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Chromosomal Abnormalities

Are there any provisions in IVF to Deal with Chromosomal Abnormalities?

When we talk about human reproduction, we often say that it is the transfer of the genetic code from both male and female parents to the newborn. Now, in the same breath, if we say that the procedure of IVF can be an ideal solution for figuring out any genetic disorders as well, then it might become a confusing statement for many. IVF is definitely a true solution to infertility, and yes, it has this power to handle some genetic conditions too. When we describe it more, we can easily say that with the help of IVF, we can also pinpoint and manage certain types of chromosomal abnormalitiesat the same time as well.

What is a chromosome?

Before we try to discuss IVF in a mass friendly tone, we would like to explain the concept of a chromosome. Ideally speaking a chromosome is a unit of a gene, and if a gene can be considered as a sentence, then a chromosome can ideally be dubbed as a word that helps in the formation of a sentence, i.e., gene sequence, which we inherit. Most of us are familiar with the concept of X chromosome and Y chromosome; both these chromosomes determine the sex of a baby, i.e., two simple chromosomes writing the tale of the fetus’s gender.

What is chromosome test?

Mathematics is involved with an intertwining of male and female chromosomes.These chromosomes create a primary layout of the body and brain of the baby. It is a complex business when we see it in terms of genetic engineering, however, if we see it in basic terms like embryo formation, then it can be a great help to curb some infertility issues in an individual. Ideally, before going for an IVF process, experts prefer to go for some chromosome tests to figure out the exact nature of a genetic problem in pregnancyif at all it is there.

Do Chromosomes have a role to play in case of an abnormal pregnancy?

We count it as a pregnancy when a zygote turns into an embryo.You will be surprised to know that when we count the numbers of an embryo created naturally or with the help of IVF. If they lose this battle in between then, on 70 percent of occasions, it happens because of chromosomal disorders. The term chromosomal disorders can interchangeably be used with genetic abnormalities in relation to pregnancy. As we mentioned it earlier, these abnormalities can occur in all types of embryos, and if it is happening after IVF, it clearly indicates that problem is severe and requires some advance-level IVF intervention.

Are there any provisions in IVF to control these Chromosomal disorders?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a practice that is usually performed by IVF experts before going out for an IVF implant.Here, they study the chromosomes of both male and female counterparts and check them out for certain types of abnormalities based on the counting and structure of chromosomes. This is a method by which they try to figure out probable chromosome disorders.In all, there are seven to eight basic permutations and combinations attached to it. If they figure out any abnormality during this diagnostic process, then they try to ease it out right before the first implant.

It is the definition of infertility that varies on each juncture of treatment

All the big IVF clinics normally set up a separate department for this task; this department is known as Preimplantation genetic diagnosis department. It is an important part of any infertility treatment. Here, we would like to clear the air related to the definition of infertility.Theoretically, it is a single thing with a varied and vast scope to handle certain issues, however when we see it with changing perspectives, it becomes different at each step. When you see it from the point of view of a gynecologist, you will find that they are more worried about the anatomy related issues. When we see it from the point of view of sex specialists, you will find that they are more worried about the production of sperms and ova, and are worried about sperm counts, etc. Both these conditions are biological conditions.

For IVF infertility is both biology and mathematics

If you are knocking the doors of an IVF clinic, it is pretty much evident that biologically the gynecologists cannot handle your infertility.It is quite clear that they are unable to capitalize due to certain circumstances hindering their path. If we can put it more precisely then as per the observations of Dr. Malagaonkar in IVF we can also say that with the help of IVF, they are going to handle the same problem with a mathematical approach. It normally starts with the process of chromosome testing. The results of this test give them a fair idea about the mapping of a chromosome, and with the help of this map, they can anticipate certain conditions that may occur in an embryo during its progression.

IVF has the power to nip the bud at the stage of inception

In normal cases, IVF has this power to identify the chromosome related problems, and the IVF experts have the adequate tools to handle these problems pretty well. IVF has this power to take care of all these problems in various stages of pregnancy and resolve them with the help of best possible tools. Once an embryo comes into existence, then again they can go for regular IVF genetic testing and ensure a foolproof development of embryo against all the odds.

Understand the types of chromosome-related abnormalities

Precisely there can be two types of abnormalities, we can have numerical abnormalities, and then we can have these structural abnormalities. During an IVF diagnostic process, they first identify/anticipate the problem, and then pick up the remedial strategies to deal with it. It is a vast science these days and flourishing like never before because more and more couples are coming to the shelter of IVF.

Listening to the heartbeats of a baby, cajoling your own baby in your arms, is a blessing from the side of God. In spite of all the advancements in the technology of IVF, most of the experts of highest order such as Dr. Malagaonkar owe it to God. It is an act of God, it is his willingness to bring a new creature on this planet; however, with the increasing success ratio of IVF methodologies, we can always say, “We have not lost faith in almighty; in fact we have just transferred it to IVF.

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