Chromosomal Abnormalities and IVF

IVF treatment is being used by many couples these days as an alternate method of pregnancy. Earlier, there was skepticism about the health of the child born through IVF. The children born with IVF treatments were believed to have birth defects which arise due to Chromosomal abnormalities.

The conceived embryo may have an abnormal number of chromosomes. This chromosomal abnormality is called aneuploidy. This abnormality was earlier detected and treated only after the childbirth. But with advances in technology in the field of IVF, the abnormalities in the chromosome and the genetic defect it may cause can be identified before inseminating the embryo in the uterus.

There are several tests that the embryo is sun through before going for the further process. These tests help identify the genetic defects, the risk that may be involved during the pregnancy and also post pregnancy.

This advancement is a path breaker in the IVF technology. It can identify whether twins will be born and if the child will pose some threat relating to health. So opting for chromosomal tests is a good option to make sure that the boy is healthy.

Below is a detailed explanation for what a Chromosomal defect is and the tests that should be taken.

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