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Senior IVF Consultant

Job Description :

Who we are 

At Progenesis, we are a team of experts fighting against infertility issues that couples often face, ensuring a hurdle-free journey towards pregnancy.
It was in 2014 when we first stepped into the area of healthcare with the sole motto of being companions in highs & lows of couples journey to parenthood.

Company Website  – www.progenesisivf.com

What you will do | Job Responsibility 

  • Finish IPD and OT at the start of the day.
  • Start OPD.
  • Consultation and Counseling to all OPD patients 
  • To do IUI, Sonography
  • To give prescription and requisition
  • To take an IPD Round with Assistant Doctor IPD (RMO) & sisters in the morning and evening and ensure that
  • Patient’s File should be completed
  • Check Daily Orders written by Assistant Doctor , IPD
  • Check parameters and investigations done
  • Check monitoring charts
  • Check IPD and OT Consents (Newly admitted patients)
  • Advise necessary investigation, inform to Patients
  • Ask patients if they have any complaints and take corrective actions
  • To take an IPD Round with sisters in the evening
  • Operative Procedures (OPU, ET, HLScopy)
  • To conduct scheduled Operative Procedures 
  • To ensure Operative Procedure is started on time
  • To ensure Pre-OP preparation is done by OT sister as per Pre-Op Checklist
  • Washup, assist or conduct OT
  • Ensure Anesthesia notes are entered
  • To write down OT Notes
  • To give Post-OP orders to assistant doctors 
  • To take Post-Op round immediately after shifting the patient and ensure that IPD sisters are following Post-Op orders To do post-Op counselling to the patient’s relatives
  • To ensure that Software entries to record Post OP finding by Sisters and Assistant Doctors
  • To decide discharge, ask RMO to prepare discharge paper
  • To ensure all IPD Paper’s work is done by Assistant Doctor IPD and sister, verify documentation as per checklist and handover file to HR
  • To attend all type of emergency situations, in case of complications take help of senior gynac on panel
  • To attend Camps and Outreach OPDs
  • Monitoring and Control of all All Clinical Staff

Key Skills -

Education -


Company Profile -

• Progenesis Hospital Pvt Ltd
• Progenesis IVF Hospital is the biggest chain of fertility hospital. We have 90+ centers across india.

Contact -

Progenesis Hospital Pvt Ltd
Address: 75, Lorem Ipsum. Lorem Ipsum Street, Lorem Ipsum Road, City, State 467222