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Semen Analysis

Having a baby is a phase in a couple’s life that strengthens the bond between the couple. The third member in the family brings the two parents together and they work as a team to take care of the baby and look after the infant’s health and the enjoy the journey together.

Unfortunately, there are couples who cannot have this journey the easy way. They face several infertility problems.

In some cases, the reason for infertility is very evident but for some, the couple is put through tests to identify the reason for infertility. Men are tested for the quality of sperms while the women are testes for having a hospitable womb and for the quality of the egg.

The quality of sperm is a major factor in conceiving and is also a determining factor in the baby’s health. Sperm motility, sperm count, sperm volume, and pH level are some of the parameters which are used to describe the sperm quality.

In a sperm test, the semen sample is collected from and tested in a laboratory. The test is called semen analysis. Semen analysis reveals most of the reasons which are leading to sterility in men.

Based on the results of Semen analysis, the medications are prescribed and the infertility treatment can begin. The medication can be as simple as a few exercises or some herb intake or some medications. Here is the description of the Semen Analysis:

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