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Best IVF Hospital in Thane

Best IVF Hospital in Thane

Male Infertility Taking the First Steps

Many times it has seen that for infertility issues, the woman is examined from head to toe. But what about the man? Well! No one thinks from this point. But in today’s era, it has been revealed that for infertility, men are equally responsible. It is seen that half of the infertility cases are because of men or at least they have some role in it.

Semen analysis for problem detection

This is a very simple and basic step which doctor does for determining the exact reason for male infertility. The doctor may ask the patient about his sexual relationship and will do a semen analysis and blood test. All these tests give the right direction to the doctor so that they can treat you in efficient manner. Most of the time, the problem can be solved by changing your regular routine. For instance, the patient will be advised to do regular exercise, quite any kind of bad habit like tobacco, smoke, drugs etc. In case of any hormonal issue or infection, the doctor may suggest some medications.

Even if the doctor finds No sperm in your body, there is no need to worry, you should not lose hope. You can still become the father of a healthy child because of advanced treatments related to the male reproductive system and IVF.

Lets discuss the first step.

First, visit a male infertility specialist. He will advise you the best treatments which can be done for making you fertile. But here are some basic things which you can do by yourself for resolving your infertility issue.

Stick to a well-balanced diet: The type of diet you eat has a direct impact on your fertility. Insufficient or unbalanced diet, along with some other factors, can hamper your fertility. Your routine diet can have an impact on your sperm count. Eating healthy, hygienic and balanced diet give good nutrition to your sperm, maintains its quality and enhances your fertility. So if you are planning to have a baby, make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and choose the right kind of edibles.

Regular Exercise: Research has shown that regular physical activity regulates sperm production in men. It also results in better morphology, mobility percentage and count. It is also believed that obesity in males interferes with male hormones and can have an adverse effect on fertility. So, start doing exercise on a regular basis is the mantra for a good quality sperm and to reduce obesity. But yes, maintain a balance as too much exercise can hamper sperm production.

Avoid Smoking: It’s not only about smoking; you should say bye to all the harmful addictions like tobacco and drugs. All these things can affect your sperm, plasma and other fertility aspects. You might have heard that smoking is dangerous for health, and now understand that it is also dangerous for your sperm count. Often women are told to quit smoking while trying to conceive. But the fact is that male should also follow the same rule for increasing their fertility chances.

How to test male infertility

  • General physical test which involves medical history for knowing the patient in a better manner.
  • Semen testing for knowing the health of sperm like its structure, shape, quality, and motility.
  • Checking up of hormone levels, which will indicate the production of sperm is happening at a normal level.
  • Ultrasounds for detecting any abnormality in internal organs.
  • Biopsies for detecting the presence of infection or malignancies.
  • Sperm test for knowing the sperm functionality along with ejaculation. It also determines whether the sperm is intact or not for moving in the expected way.

Why patients should prefer IVF for male infertility

Motile sperm with a count of less than 10 million per mL has less chance of conceiving. This is a true form male who are involved in regular intercourse. In vitro fertilization (IVF) involves combining eggs with highly motile sperm. Such a procedure highly increases the chances of pregnancy. Additionally, the embryologist can make use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This involves the insertion of healthy sperm in each egg. This further increases the pregnancy chances.

Best IVF Hospital in Thane

When it comes to the best centres in Thane, Progenesis is the name which many couples suggest. With an aim to cater to the best infertility treatment we have well-equipped infrastructure, and we maintain the standards for quality fertility treatment. Our complete IVF procedure is cost-effective and is transparent. Our team comprises of qualified and experienced doctors who give their best to bring a smile on your face. Our labs contain LAF’s, MACS equipment, Incubator, Sterisome Microscope, Minis, which ensures that you get the best IVF treatment with good success rate.

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