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IVF Success Rates – Why You Should Have Hope after Failed IVF

Fertility treatment has increased the success rate as because of advanced technology more and more people are achieving success through IVF. While undergoing IVF treatment, you may be excited and thrilled. Well! All these things are natural as you are on the path of becoming a mother.

The rate of success with IVF procedures is witnessing a steady surge in the present decade. Thanks to the continuing improvement in technology and care, things will get even better in the near future. However, you must understand that failures are common, although not rampant in the world Of IVF. You never know you can be among those unfortunate ones. The reasons for failure are not definite, and it shatters you from inside. You may feel slighted, cheated, and scammed after devoting several years of life and thousands of dollars without any fulfilling results.

A hard reality check

Even if you failed in your first IVF cycle, don’t lose hope as there is a possibility of giving birth to a baby in second attempt. The encouraging thing is that the advent of technology like Endometrial Receptivity Analysis or ERA testing can substantially improve the success rate. Despite the best techniques, available factors like egg quality and age can be a hard barrier to overcome.  Being a reputed IVF center in Thane, Progen does counseling of couples before starting any treatment as we understand the mental stress which a couple undergoes while trying for a baby.

Post Fertility Treatment Pregnancy

More than 15 percent of women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving through an IVF became pregnant naturally within five years. Yes, you have read it right, NATURALLY.

IVF technology has been a blessing that has let countless couples to start a family. Over the last fifteen years, the success of IVF has improved dramatically. It has been effective in generating desirable results inclusive of pelvic and tubal factor disease, male fertility, age factor, menstrual cycle irregularities. It has benefited couples who have long failed to conceive without any definite reason. So, if unfortunately you are not successful in your first IVF cycle, go with second one then as it may gift you a baby.

Progenesis is the best IVF center in Thane can do a biopsy of even a 5-day-old embryo and implant them back to the uterus and can screen the embryos for any signs of abnormalities or diseases and ensure that they are having 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs. It is an incredible technology known as Preimplantation Genetic Testing.

The infertility expert needs to explain the pros and cons of IVF with patients. It makes sense to undergo a “basic infertility” evaluation. It includes an examination of the uterine cavity or Fallopian tube, pelvic ultrasound, and semen analysis. Some blood tests are recommended, too, for determining egg health or ovarian reserve. An experienced professional can ascertain the chances of success based on these results.

Ending tips

Patients who have been unsuccessful with an IVF procedure needs to find the right support. It could be from a fertility counselor, friends, and family. Make sure to review your REI cycle when you are ready. It may be beneficial to incorporate fertile yoga, nutrition, and acupuncture in your next period.

So, never lose hope, be positive and believe in doctors. As the egg quality varies from cycle-to-cycle and your doctor may modify the ovarian stimulation based on his previous IVF attempt. In most of the cases it is worth to try IVF again after first unsuccessful attempt.

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