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About Miscarriage

Miscarriages and IVF!

Miscarriage is an unfortunate event, it is unfortunate because here a person loses it after a shimmer of hope. The feeling of having a life in womb starts right from the moment when a woman discovers that she is pregnant; losing it at any given point of time is painful for her, and coping up with miscarriages is not an easy task. It has its own share of emotions attached to it. Breaking the news of a miscarriage can be equally painful as announcing a death. Doctors do not have adequate remedies for all these emotional losses; however, when we read the story of miscarriages in a textbook of medical science, we find some statistics. To start with, we can share some facts with you; almost 15 to 20 percent detected pregnancies ended up in a miscarriage. It is quite a bit of numbers. In other words, we can also say that every fifth pregnancy in this world ends in a miscarriage.

What Are the Primary Causes of a Miscarriage?

Miscarriage reason or the reason behind miscarriage is the very common question for various search engines. Search it on the internet and you will find that many people prefer to walk that extra mile for finding an answer to this question. However, we wish to answer this question from a different perspective. Normally, a couple thinks about the miscarriage after receiving the news of pregnancy. They think that the exercise to prevent a miscarriage starts after a couple conceives a baby. However, this is not true by any standards; anticipating a miscarriage and exercises to prevent it can be started much earlier.

What Are the Reasons for Miscarriage That Can Be Taken Care of During a Prenatal Care Session?

Here you can take some leafs from the books of IVF experts; it is believed that IVF is a process that is concerned with fertilization alone. However, if you will consult a sensible clinic and a well-aware IVF expert, you will realize that sensible IVF experts follow a 360-degree approach; before going on for a possible IVF treatment, they first calculate factors like chances of a miscarriage to their core. Again, we are emphasizing on the fact that, when you select an IVF expert, make sure you are choosing a person with a right mindset and who has this complete journey in his mind.

What Are Those 5 Reasons That Are Always on the Cards?

Let’s put it up with the help of a simple data, one out of every five pregnant ladies feels some kind of bleeding during the first trimester; for half of them, it can be considered as one of the symptoms of miscarriage. When we try to figure out some inevitable causes behind miscarriage then we can name following factors:

  • Genetic Reasons: Here, the word ‘genetic’ does not refer to your genetic history; here we are talking about the genetic equation that is forming inside a baby. Genetic reasons can give a very frequent answer to the question that states – “What can cause a miscarriage?” Once again, it will be safe to say that fifty percent of the miscarriage takes place because of the improper genetic development of the fetus. It again is an act of God; nobody can be blamed for it in most of the cases.
  1. Hormonal Reasons: Menstruation cycle of women can give us a fair idea about the hormonal reasons behind a miscarriage. Hormonal disturbances sometimes cause a fair deal of problems in the life of a couple when they try to conceive a baby. The same hormonal disorder can become a reason of recurrent pregnancy losses for a couple. If you are going for an IVF treatment or you are following a normal course, in all the cases, a parallel management strategy for these hormonal disorders is a must for you.
  1. Blood Clotting: When we talk about the signs of the miscarriage, then blood emerges as the single most important sign that brings this bad news for a couple. First things first, it is only a sign and not the final verdict. Blood plays an important role in the development of the fetus. If the blood supply to the placenta is disrupted because of some reasons, then it can also lead towards a miscarriage. Some people also refer to it as potential causes of abortion as well, because it takes place in the later stages of the pregnancy, for instance after 15 weeks or so.
  1. Infections: Factors like German measles and high fever can also lead to a miscarriage. In many cases; it is very important to rush for an expert support and try to go for a parallel management regime for pregnancy and infection coming together during the course of various trimesters.
  1. Anatomical Reasons: Weak cervix, irregular shape of the fetus and large fibroids are some anatomical factors that can cause a miscarriage during pregnancy. It is important to follow an IVF expert’s approach while you go for the management of these anatomical reasons that can cause miscarriage.

Which Is the Road ahead of the First Miscarriage?

In the beginning, we said that we are covering this topic of miscarriage from a different perspective; you might have seen all those gloomy blogs on the internet. Our approach is very clear here, we wish to establish that miscarriage is a very common problem because practically, every fifth woman in the world is facing it at any given point of time.

Couples trying to conceive after a miscarriage should never lose hope; it is a long road waiting ahead for them. Pregnancy after miscarriage is very much possible! It may become a tough road for many couples, but even then, we can say that cures related to human reproductive systems have already touched the pinnacle with IVF and ART treatments. In a condition like this, regular miscarriages can be considered as petty issues at many levels, and this is why, a couple should never lose heart while passing through this ordeal.

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