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From Infertility to In Vitro Fertilization – It Is Like a Reverse Journey from Dusk to Dawn!

The population of the world has already crossed the mark of five billion; after looking at the current rate of the increase in this population, we can say that, we are living in a fertile world. Now, with the arrival of processes like In Vitro fertilization, human race can proudly say that it has won a major part of this castle of infertility. Surviving after death in his own genetic code is a dream for every couple; it is a kind of religious duty in India and IVF has just managed it in flying colors.

How Can We Cut Short a Long Journey with the Help of IVF?

Let us first draw a sequence of events; a couple plans a baby, and if they fail during the first six months, then it is common, but if they fail during the first year, then the male factor coming from the side of the couple decides to go for a fertility test. If he is normal, then female goes through an ordeal of fertility testing. Male or female, if anybody or both of them is suffering from some conditions that can be dubbed as infertility, then in this case, it becomes a nightmare for them.

What Are IVF Clinics Mushrooming?

Until a decade ago, it was a journey from post to pillar for both of them. It was painful for them to knock many doors for the search of right treatments. Many imposters were milking this situation; they were marketing some phony solutions. However, with the arrival of IVF, things changed drastically. Now people are aware that where to knock for the best results. In India, still it is a nascent concept; however, check it out in western countries where they have observed a mushrooming of IVF clinics. Here people are seeking for a checklist to figure out the right kind of clinic with sensible experts. Far from this health bulletin of IVF, we would like to share the essence of IVF treatments with you and explain that how they are quite handy to handle both male and female infertility with great ease.

Is IVF Equally Capable in Handling Male as Well as Female Factors of Fertility with Equal Ease?

What we normally term as an IVF treatment is actually a series of treatments and procedures aimed at female and male infertility conditions. IVF has changed the scenario of fertility treatments completely; it is a kind of bypass treatment where chances of failure are miniscule, if we compare them with some general methods of handling the issues. IVF is equally useful in treating conditions whether they belong to the causes of female fertility or male fertility.

Ideally, When Should IVF Make an Entry into Your Life?

The answer of this question may be a bit subjective in many ways, yet a proper fertility test can decipher this riddle for you with great ease. We can divide the causes of male fertility or female fertility into three slabs, as follows:

  1. Here we are trying to present a general account of the events. As it happens with every other disease, it is just the same story with male and female infertility; there are some conditions where simple medicines, diet, exercise, and lifestyle routines can do the trick.
  2. Then we have a second slab where certain surgical procedures steps in and try to help in imparting a fertility treatment.
  3. Finally, we have advanced procedures like IVF, where the success ratio is very high, and in many cases, it is a kind of surety that you will get success.

Why Beating around the Bush? Why Not Hit the Bull’s Eye?

You will be quite surprised to know this single fact that most of the fertility treatments are age-bound in their own regards; female age really counts here, because they have limited numbers of eggs, and on top of that, biological conditions matter here too. This is why, instead of beating around the bush, many people are choosing IVF over other options and cutting down their ordeal a fair deal.

How Is Artificial Insemination Useful?

Be it infertility in men or be it many other reasons for a failure in getting pregnant, artificial insemination can be the answer to that. Take the example of low sperm counts. They might tell you thousand do’s and don’ts; they will tell you to wait for the right results to come and even then they are not sure of the success. Most of these procedures kill the time of couple and rob away their fertile age. IVF can handle this problem of low sperm counts in a single stroke; it has the power to handle this condition with the help of this advanced procedure. When you are planning an artificial insemination in the company of a seasoned IVF expert, then try to stay calm, because sometimes even the presence of ten or twelve sperms is more than sufficient for them.

Is It Better to Go For Trials and Errors on a Formidable and Secured Ground?

Go for a male fertility test; if it is negative in the terms of sperm counts, consult an IVF expert then and there. IVF experts have adequate procedures in place and these procedures can help you a great deal, because they will remove a sperm from your system and with the help of certain procedures, plant it with an ovum. Now, it sounds simple, it is simple! Procedures of In vitro fertilization can be defined in these easy to understand terms as well.

The success of IVF procedures is subjective to the condition and the complications involved in the procedure. In some cases, they too require a makeup time. Patients with a history of miscarriages also require second IVF procedure sometimes; in a condition like this, it is important for a couple to allot some time to the most successful method of fertilization and it is worth it, in many ways.

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